Hi fellas, I have a.

Machon: Http://www.frog-lock.com/category/locksmith-in-long-island/locksmith-service-in-albertson/

Sloan: No, I just tried another it was 7

Stolfi: But it seems to be on this page-template only

Jeng: I suspect random debugging code someplace — it’s the category ID number.

Guiffre: Yes I was thinking it could be the category id aswell

Soricelli: Rapid: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/get_page_template

Jeng: Rapid: install that and it will tell you which PHP file is the template for that page. Then look closely at that file.

Groupe: It is indeed the category number, just checked

Blier: Glencove is indeed 56

Ludlam: Hold on reconnecting on normal discussion. this webchat :

Fara: I’m not sure how do I make use of what you just gave me

Jeng: Go to the page in question and look at the admin bar. What is the name of the template file?

Sturgell: Jeng You didnt give him a plugin

Holtzberg: Its a link to the codex, fucntion doc

Athearn: Rapid: Show Current Template – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/show-current-template/

Jeng: Oops. did a dot c rather than a dot p

Fara: Hold on installing it

Prechtel: CODE8R I am here for you.

Motonaga: I have a problem with contact form 7

Dobrushin: What ever i type in to the form i resive the mail with a header that say “***SPAM*** msg

Russomano: CODE8R No experience with it, but shoot.

Fara: Stern, it shows Template: index.php

Fara: And if I put mouse on it. it shows alot of stuff, template relative path is the index.php

Fara: What do I need to look at there

Jeng: Rapid: that’s pretty funky. OK, please pastebin your index.php file

Schanzenbach: Rapid: Do control-f get_header on that file

Bakewell: There’s probably a line of code before it that prints category number

Fara: Mm, is there a faster way to access index.php rather than cpanel?

Jeng: CODE8R: the spam is coming from the receiving mail system, not CF7.

Jeng: CODE8R: Unortunately, mail send anonymously looks spammy.

Fara: Here it is http://pastebin.com/7Rj2ZjU2

Jeng: Next, let’s look at header.php

Barrero: Index.php in your themes folder

Harrell: Yes but the mail server is on the same server as the hp

Jeng: Yes, from your theme’s folder

Fara: Something was touched.

Fara: I had a problem with the site few days ago

Fara: That it gave me an error and it wouldnt load, so I went to support page of hostgator, and he replace the wp-blog-header.php file

Jeng: CODE8R: you need to look at your spam filtering then. it’s NOT a wordpress problem.

Jeng: Rapid: THEME files, please, not core files

Fara: How do I access them?

Fara: Through wordpress panel yep?

Fara: I asked before if its through cpanel or wordpress :

Jeng: If you have no other way, yes

Breaud: Rapid do you have FTP access?

Fara: Http://1.1m.yt/J_uWgtev.png

Fara: Look at that, when I go into theme option

Jeng: Let’s look at header.php

Fara: I’m trying to find where are the theme files :

Jeng: Or, download them via ftp from wp-content/themes/yourtheme

Mcbeth: When you ftp, go to the folder your site is in; then “wp-content/themes/theme-name”

Juenger: Send index.php from there, because I dont think its in header.php

Francisco: Hi fellas, I have a wordpress web and i found unrecognized php file whenever i delete this file, it keeps coming back. any ides?