Help is a 2 way street, no.

Denn: Chrispg21: the autosave is probably somehow different from the actual save

Gillespie: Hussey: yes I got that,… but,… sorry about not being accurate in terms of WP Lex.

Krysl: So lets just use that

Liao: Horacsio: you should be if you’re going to be asking for help.

Mccosh: Hussey: of course. I know that. I 100% agree but, I don’t master correctly things! I’m a rookie yet.

Sharp: Hussey: thank you for all you patiente here : honestly

Dinsmore: Anyone have experience with random “are you sure you want to do this” messages when trying to save a post?qqqç

Manvelyan: Horacsio: you need to study the template hierarchy and look closely at _s. When you ask “why are there comments? Are they necessary?” it gives me pause.

Malander: Manvelyan: going to try to get a .pages command that basically explains that

Pantelakis: Defrancesco is on it :

Vandebrink: Manvelyan: pausing is such a great opportunity in life today :

Burnham: Sterndate and Hussey: you don’t know how good you are. Or maybe you know. but I’m so thankfull to those helping here, that you can’t imagine :

Manvelyan: It’s not a pause that refreshes. :-

Tademy: NAPPING is a great opportunity

Onstead: Http://

Manvelyan: Can’t they make a sticker? HEY, WE LEFT OFF MILK and put them back on the shelves?

Manvelyan: Ok, gonna get some lunch now. back later.

Onstead: No, because even they realise how gross it is.

Ljungquist: Opsec: its disgusting that they forgot to list Milk as an ingredient on CHOCOLATE?

Havatone: How would you slove this kind of page : ? Is there a way to somehow add a new “row” on one page in teh wysiwyg editor?

Qualia: Regarding CPTs looking at : single-{post-type}.php how can i have it run for a specific post?

Gestes: Django_: keep reading the docs. its in there

Laviolette: Django_: Post Templates –

Rusconi: Django_:

Onstead: He’s talking about cpts, then he’s mentioning posts

Onstead: Good to know someone speaks it’s language ;

Panebianco: Opsec: hes trying to make a page template for a specific post ID that also hapens to be a CPT

Taulman: I just wanna add a single-custom.php to a certain post

Onstead: So what Hussey said then.

Glisson: If you click on post1 then it will load single-custom.php

Golliday: Opsec: i just dont get doesnt explain it

Onstead: Probably want body cl***, unless you’re doing some other wacky thing

Onstead: But i’m lost myself ;

Onstead: I don’t dig, unless being paid.

Chupik: Where does this go:

Behnke: Django_: you’re a copy/paste warrior

Birkes: Django_: try to understand what youre doing here. BASICS

Landon: How do you create a feed to a CPT ?

Ahal: Single-{post-type}.php – First, WordPress looks for a template for the specific post type. For example, post type is product, WordPress would look for single-product.php.

Dezayas: We cant even tell what you need explaining

Shrawder: VectorX: wordpress-rss-feed/">

Onstead: If a person can’t communicate correctly and explain themselves so there’s *no question* or very little left misunderstood, they simply don’t deserve help

Onstead: Not everyone deserves help, that’s a misnomer.

Onstead: Help is a 2 way street, no matter where you are in life