Harpagornis: probably the.

Stomberg: Will attend to that :

Bedlion: Dcr: do i know you? you smarmy sea dog!

Shehee: Opsec, we met once in a green house

Bedlion: Dcr: https://youtu.be/67w11APEw1w

Bedlion: We only raise the best and brightest in the us of a.

Bedlion: I didn’t realise england was so much closer to the sun. learn something new everyday.

Shehee: Opsec, at least you speak fluent murkin

Bedlion: Dcr: actually, if i’m not mistaken, pounds weight like 54 cents more in england.

Winkel: What is the hook for a loaded article?

Degenaro: What is a “loaded article”?

Bedlion: An article in the chamber

Salemi: That makes no sense, Harpagornis

Bedlion: Ready to fire at the enemy

Leezer: Harpagornis: please describe what it is you want to do

Bedlion: Harpagornis is waiting in the gr***y knoll with his article rail gun.

Danielle: In one part of content-single

Schooler: I want to load my plugin

Magnan: What does your plugin do?

Bedlion: And no sense was had this day of 8 sept. two-thousand and fifteen

Gearan: Create a link to the previous and next item category

Mowat: I would imaging, Harpagornis, you’d hook the_content and put your links afterwards.

Torivio: Or, in your template, replace the existing previous/next post links with your own function

Finnefrock: Does your plugin just provide a function? or does it do something else?

Adcox: Http://memoriadesalvaterra.lazoiro.org/2015/03/07/paso-a-nivel-de-salvaterra/

Vangoff: Harpagornis: Look at https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/the_content – What you probably want to do is add a filter to the_content to take that output and add your output to there.

Tranter: I didn’t ask that. I asked what does your function do?

Slaybaugh: Harpagornis: the site is not responsive!

Duhaime: Next to the title, I put the links for previous and next article in this same category

Haerter: Sorry, but that site only renders if I make my browser wider than 1900 px.

Menck: Not worth looking at.

Soho: Sterndata: Which browser you use?

Balash: It works for me with all resolutions

Faustman: Http://i.imgur.com/hjQksox.jpg

Riggers: Harpagornis: and you’re also disabling right click. No more help from me.

Moder: Don’t have the time to waste.

Schlotterbeck: Never understood that

Marmo: Palmer: if its a photography website it does deter some folks from straight up downloading photos/content

Yezek: Although this site particularly publishes images under CC so theres REALLY no point

Kimme: When I bring up the site, everything intially fits the width. Then the slider loads and goes full monitor width.

Goodhile: Cef: Better then you create a filter?

Vangoff: Harpagornis: Have you looked at the list of hooks: http://adambrown.info/p/wp_hooks/version/4.1

Varuzzo: Harpagornis: whatever is *****ed up seems to be in the iframe

Vangoff: Harpagornis: Are you creating a theme, or is this a plugin, or both?

Swanhart: The theme is already created, the plugin may not be necessary

Vitkus: Https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/previous_post_link

Vangoff: WP offers functions that allow you to fetch next/previous item, and should be per category.

Perrill: I wanted to make a plugin, but will use those functions in the file content-single

Burry: Because I think it makes no sense to make a plugin for that

Vangoff: Harpagornis: probably the best option. They’re well supported and will not be going away soon.