Hansel: if you get stuck.

Mangat: It’s the settings page for my theme :

Zylstra: Hansel: and your paymentdo is another WP Page template?

Miler: Hansel: your “paymentDO” should just be in a function in your functions.php file or a plugin file if you want to go that route

Rinke: Hansel: So when you submit you run the function and output the results right there.

Mccallie: Is a Archiv invoking a bookstore and also processes all data to be sent to the payment platform

Tryner: Hansel: what do you mean “is a archive” ?

Wybenga: Hansel: you are making this VERY difficult to help you/

Foskey: Sorry, please could you check my pastebin and tell me if I can put it in a function in my wordpress?

Veres: Http://pastebin.com/gUUbLwMB

Kemery: Scavotto: how is it going?

Domowicz: Hansel: yes you can wrap that all in a function and do if$_POST{ my_function; }

Gravina: Hansel: that sound at least simplify your flow and make debugging easier

Policastro: Emporio: its going fine. ?

Hollenshead: Scavotto: any idea why the handler will not upload the file ?

Rosenwinkel: Excuse me, but my English is very bad

Grays: Doesn’t seem too bad to me :

Bentancourt: Emporio: Have you checked the values of your variables at all throughout the process you’re running?

Bricker: Hansel: you’re doing ok.

Goepfert: And within a function in wordpress I can make the call to the library?

Speh: Hansel: you mean this require_once’nusoap/lib/nusoap.php’; ?

Fedd: Hansel: yea. You can do that inside of functions.php just fine

Keeble: Scavotto: I can’t log to console. How to log to console like in JS?

Gadbaw: Emporio: php doesnt do that. You would need a full on debugger installed which you apparently dont habve

Bleazard: Emporio: so just do var_dump;

Alston: Emporio: you need something like ChromePHP for this

Nipps: Emporio: var_dump$myvar;

Gatson: Var_dump will print to the browser window

Bedsaul: Emporio: ignore that for now and just use var_dump

Schoene: Emporio: its the fastest way to get the value of a var.

Rudisail: Var_dump one of my best friends

Appel: I used var_dump, but didn’t know where to see the dump.

Blint: Not in the console certainly

Blyler: ScoDal: its every dev’s best friend at one time or another


Hurrle: Emporio: the console isnt for PHP!

Sosebee: Emporio: https://github.com/daslicht/wp-ChromeLogger

Wiste: Emporio: just put the var_dump in the code in different places to see what is output

Ream: Emporio, place it somewhere easily identifiable on your website, I like to put it above the_content; if I’m working on a page or post

Bardwell: Scavotto : yopu can log anything in there

Gerckens: ScoDal: have you used wp_die

Kudley: But where will the output of the dump be displayed?

Cuen: That way it’s near the top of the pgae when I hit refresh

Pizarro: Thanks I’ll try then tell them how I was

Moreci: Thanks I’ll try then tell them how I was

Brookings: Thanks I’ll try then tell them how I was

Sitra: Emporio: https://github.com/daslicht/wp-ChromeLogger

Deibert: You’re overcomplicating. just use a darn var_dump

Minas: ScoDal: have you used wp_die?

Amrhein: I’m going to add it now

Allums: Scavotto, no, but I did look at lazy load thanks to you and I’m all about it now haha what’s this wp_die?

Vermilyea: Hansel: if you get stuck let me know