Hahaprob too much bother..

Lokan: If you have actual skills, they’re in demand all over the place ;

Yumas: Opsec: you must be single with no family

Ferriss: That’s why you get a job that allows side work

Lokan: Primer: what would that have to do with anything?

Fairchild: Primer, i have 3 kids, full time job, and sidework for 3 different folks.

Roden: It’s called being lazy vs being a go-gettr

Endlich: I can tell you are stubborn in your ways and are afraid of any change. that’s cool. to each his own

Lokan: If you have actual skill, you have actual work. regardless of what the rest of your life contains.

Deason: Everything i get is word of mouth– even my slave job 😛

Lokan: So if you’re great at your skills *and* easy to work with. you’ll have more work than you can deal with.

Bristol: Honestly, I’m actually trying to do LESS work

Plumpton: And I’m succeeding at it

Kilmer: So yeah, there are a few issues here and there

Blaho: But for the most part, ****’s great!

Barna: Primer: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Fleischer: I honestly don’t know how you are simply by what i’ve learned from you with our conversation

Gartner: Sounds like you might be blowing smoke up our bums

Ingemi: But it’s discussion, and i’m batman

Lokan: Oops, slipped on a banana peel.

Emme: The best place to be is when you can turn down jobs bc of price. set a standard for yourself. then you know you’re doing well. especially when you’re at a slave job M-F heh

Avers: Primer, and btw i’m a damn good dad of 3 kids– no deadbeat here. all live with me. i spend plenty of time with them. bedtime is 8-9pm so plenty of side time :

Dalton: Crisumi: I’ve done a lot of side work in the past. My current gig stems from word-of-mouth from a side job.

Bergevin: Crisumi: I just choose not to do side work any more

Amburgey: If you’ve been there so long and if you are anyone at that company, you should be able to inform your boss that you need a coder lol

Fornicola: I choose to do side work bc college will be 10x more expensive in 16 years lmao

Shala: Collegex3 that is if i keep it in my pants

Naugle: Heh, my son is a senior in high school.I’m looking at college next year

Lokan: Most companies these days don’t care at all about college ;

Balzotti: With a daughter in 8th grade

Hartill: But if the ydon’t go to college then i get that $$ baby

Lokan: I’ve been to 6 colleges, no degree. worked at MS, intel, lockheed, nike . none of them cared at all.

Macknair: Lockheed in ft worth?

Guiltner: Most don’t care about records either

Brochhausen: We have a lockheed here in ft worth

Lokan: There’s lockheed in like 10 states ;

Pimpare: Figher jets, missiles– my buddy’s dad works on the physics

Lokan: Nike was the funnest job, something new every day. rarely saw my office

Gotsche: Opsec, i’m Lindon btw so that’s why i’ve spoken to you like we have in the past lol

Lokan: Went home everyday with 100’s of dollars worth of freebies or low priced stuff

Mrotek: Frito Lay has “dorito day

Fitzerald: All the dorito bags you could want

Benedict: I think they’re still here in plano

Lokan: Everyday they’ll message or broadcast to everyone where the sales are on campus

Avendano: Get them $160 jordans and put them online lol

Lokan: Heh, i had like 200 pairs of shoes at one time

Lokan: Never wore like 90% of them

Lokan: I don’t work at Nike anymore

Berkovich: Hahaprob too much bother. eff craigslist