HackHand, not really.I.

Knoth: HackHand: hm, that probably has to happen from something else – I know on the interface it’s when you submit a focus keyword

Eroman: Jphase, so if the gray color is not changed, the post has not still been SEOed

Purdue: Well, firstly, no – their little icon represents Edwin to do with the SEO – if the values are set, they will be spit out onto the template

Wesberry: It’s just an indicator for the admins – so I’m sure that’s set from something. I’d dig into their source code to see how it’s set

Stellmacher: Jphase, I would appreciate that. If it is going to be spit out then there would no problem.

Smitz: Meta tags everywhere!

Berntson: Howdy, is it possible to keep a standard set of custom fields in the admin area? So that they don’t have to manually added for each post/page?

Nordeen: Dcr: i hope you used protection.

Nordeen: Ghostlines: using types it’s simple.

Wooster: Ghostlines: Types – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/types/

Nordeen: Create a custom fields group, ***ign it to any post type you want. including, posts, pages and any cpt.

Nordeen: Heh, i had a client email me today because they decided to go with someone cheaper, who deleted everything i did without taking a backup at all

Nordeen: Heh, rm -rf’d their sites ;

Walkins: Does anybody have a smart black hatish method for link building and SEOing the site? I am talking about off site SEO

Nordeen: HackHand: that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

Nordeen: Also, this isn’t an “seo” snake oil channel. too inflammatory and off topic

Borowiak: Opsec, nobody has forced you say anything

Nordeen: Seo = 1. write/create great content people want. 2. organize it well. 3. don’t cheat. — pay strict attention to that last one, because if you do, you *will* be caught.

Alcock: Opsec, are you admin of channel?

Nordeen: It’s off topic here, period.

Sahlberg: Careful HackHand, don’t bite the hands that feed you :

Maresh: I disagree with that opsec, but in that context, sure

Joshi: Opsec thanks man I’ll check it

Deguise: I don’t wanna bite they force me :

Sheltrown: One’s ethics does not speak to their intellect

Smitz: HackHand, black hat by definition is not link building. Its generally forcing incoming links with a view to google attaching some kind of authority to them. In my limited experience of seo ~18 years or so, its actually easier to do it the right way

Nordeen: HackHand: it doesn’t help to ask about things that are off topic *and* questionably ethical at best. ;

Smitz: Ofcourse, its unlikely you’ll believe me.so perhaps sign up to Dori Friend’s mailing list, part with a few thousand dollars and I’ll see you in a couple of years when it all goes wrong :

Chatterjee: Dcr, I confirm you. The problem is, my competitors are using link building sites to increase page rank :

Smitz: HackHand, competitor url?

Nordeen: There are 2 legitimately acceptable ways to get traffic to a site, organically over time and with paid ad campaigns.

Eakins: That doesn’t increase page rank since Google Panda in February 2011 FYI

Zinsli: But I’ll pretend like I know Edwin about that because honestly I don’t care to speak about it

Espenlaub: Does anyone know what the “tags” taxonomy name is? Having trouble using wp_insert_term without returning invalid taxonomy

Nordeen: Ok, had to close that seizure link immediately

Muldrew: Dcr, Have you check it out?

Pulling: FartFortress: post_tag I believe

Nordeen: FartFortress: tags is the default flat taxonomy, categories is the default hierarchical taxonomy

Chrestman: Opsec, yes that wasn’t the question

Przekop: Am I allowed to ask a question about a WP plugin? Has anyone used Snapshot for backups?

Smitz: HackHand, not really.I don’t read the language, so can’t really see much