HackHand – line 74 and.

Guitar: Can I fire a quick woocommerce related question in here – I’m trying to find the template file that handles the small product links and having some trouble

Maslanka: For instance, page/1 , page/2, page/3 and so will show the same content. What’s wrong? I am using get_posts somewhere else but I am using both reset query and post data over there too!

Dawsey: Eddq – silly question, but are ou logged in?

Keirns: Somebody help please!

Sten: HackHand probably you are resuign a variable and not resetting its contents

Ambrose: Otherwise will need to look at your code

Yett: Robrecord, what sort of variable should be reset?

Slater: Grimlins: do you know about the ‘grep’ command? And do you have access to the filesystm?

Coonfield: Apologies – i may have misunderstood your situation

Senecal: Youre seeing same result on different page urls?

Treadwell: I have access to the files but the ssh is a pain to get into

Suffridge: Robrecord: nah not logged in – restarted nginx

Iuliucci: Robrecord, yes, like page/1 page/2

Friel: Thanks – but can you use pastebin next time

Hayes: Robrecord, sorry my hand went on paste :

Cordaro: Slater What would I be grepping for?

Tamburrelli: Robrecord, it was not on purpose

Geater: What i would do is var_dump $page to check the page number is getting p***ed

Pucker: On different page urls

Miesen: Robrecord, this is my index.php code : http://pastebin.ca/3171831

Slater: Grimlins: for a string that is likely to be present in the feature you are looking for

Sueda: Robrecord, nevermind about the code I pasted on discussion.

Walther: Are you then using a different query later in the same template?

Roane: Okay, if you know what it is then paste away

Galicia: Is the first query working? is the second query working?

Derezinski: All of the query_posts work like a charm!

Slater: Grimlins: I don’t know what template file you are looking for and I don’t have access to your file system.

Chatters: Robrecord, I even excluded those query posts by knocking out sidebar and footer but still had the problem.

Choe: So the query posts work but the main query doesn’t

Slater: Grimlins: I’ve simply pointed you to a tool that help you achieve what you asked for help with.

Phillippe: Ah, Slater – the product listings on any page where multiple products are displayed. I’m not even sure there is a template file for it, it might just be hook driven

Parreno: Robrecord, the query_posts work but the main query on the page I gave you the code does not.

Thomen: Robrecord, but not working I mean it shows same results on each page :

Slater: Grimlins: if the feature you are looking for is in a template file, then this plugin will help you figure out which template files are being used: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/show-current-template

Grusenmeyer: Robrecord, I print_r the $page variable on each page, but it shows the number 1 even when I am on page 2

Mensalvas: HAckHand i don;’t think you need wp_reset_query. just wp_reset_postdata

Slater: Grimlins: If the code you are looking for is produced by a hook, then try grepping through first yur themes dir, and then your plugins dir.

Blanquet: Robrecord, I print_r the $page variable on each page, but it shows the number 1 even when I am on page 2

Trabert: HackHand: right, well that might be part of it. Also you don’t have any code to show the main query?

Tullar: Robrecord, I have already given you the code for the main query. What do you mean?

Lilburn: It does not display any of the content

Fitzen: Underneath wp_reset_.

Yantzer: HackHand – line 74 and 75