Goto__: You could separate.

Punihaole: Dopazo: Appreciate the help. If you need help with Studstill, or apps Ionic/Cordova i’m here

Riojas: Any experts in wordpress performance?

Clap: I have a site that is a lil heavy the theme

Agerter: And i’m wondering how much upgrading the hardware will impact the loading times, or if is just the hundreds of plugins and scripts it came with

Scuito: Twirl: P3 Plugin Performance Profiler –

Agreste: Twirl:

Hullihen: Twirl: Query Monitor –

Downy: Dopazo: yea i know that plugin but it’s not the plugins in the plugin section of the CMS i mean php libraries and js

Dockett: That query monitor looks really good Kenshino

Sosby: Although i’m not sure its related to the database

Hedglin: Dopazo: wow thta query monitor is really good

Chrisman: Twirl: If you want to profile PHP overall entirely you’re going to probably want something native to PHP like xdebug, however that can add a bit extra load, but generally Halcom huge.

Chrisman: Realistically speaking there are tons of stuff you can do before “upgrading hardware”, most of which will dramatically solve issues, like using memcached/redis caching, using more efficient database mediums like mariadb instead of mysql, a quicker httpd setup like nginx or lighttpd + php-fpm instead of apache+mod_php or whatever, etc etc

Labeau: The site doesnt load slow its just i want it to be instantaneous

Terstage: That query debug output long af btw

Chrisman: Twirl: Well ‘instantaneous’ is something most people want but rarely get as there are tons and tons of factors 😛

Chrisman: But having anything 1s isn’t outragous, and using a good configuration with something like memory caching for queries can easily get you really responsive on the back-end

Brun: Well i think the output of the query montior is normal and eveything looks kind of fine

Chrisman: There’s a roughly easy way to tell how quick your backend is performing, use a tool like firebug, in the net tab, however fast the very first item in the list is the request to the domain/page directly is pretty much your TTFB/Response time of your backend, after that it’s going to mostly be your actual client-side rendering/javascript/etc

Dorries: I like to run websites trough optimization checkers like google’s or pingdom’s

Chrisman: Those work as well, gtmetrix and give really decent breakdowns as well

Rensen: Anyone know how to use the wordpress authentication database as a backend for either 1 apache basic http authentication or 2 trac?

Tretola: Friend of mine no longer wants to manually manage security rules and installation of helpful things like cPanel on his own VPS. Does anyone have experience with something that may help him out? E.g. he’s currently on Linode

Helbert: Any suggestions for good free themes

Llewlyn: Twenty fifteen, twenty fourteen, twenty thirteen, twenty twelve …

Llewlyn: What a nonsense question.

Hazelbush: It’s not really evident what you’re after – what the theme is for or what your preferences are.

Nicometo: Could someone help me or hint me?

Llewlyn: Code8r: you don’t go to the doctor and ask, what medicine is on discount currently?

Wensman: Ask your question and see if someone latches on :

Wadden: I would like to know the best way to create different sections on the site, each one retaining the blog style

Matison: Not just the Blog style and then static pages. Is it clear to understand what I mean?

Dair: Ok, let’s say I have several tabs, that point to different sections

Labbee: WP has this blog posts, but they all go to the same section. Is it possible to turn other section of the same site into blogs?

Tanouye: Goto__: You could separate them into different categories