Got it to work finally.

Hardeman: I used this and i will nerver do this again

Throgmorton: I prefer twig over jade

Hardeman: I never used jade so i compiled to html

Hardeman: I think i can write faster pfff

Hardeman: I needed and check indents over and over

Throgmorton: Hardeman actually i just use an addon for atom

Throgmorton: You highlight the html, and it converts it to jade

Hardeman: Naa i never do this again

Hardeman: I dont like this same as s***

Throgmorton: Http://

Hardeman: Yea there is autoformater package for jade

Gilfillan: There’s 9999 ways to make a website, none of them are good enough! let’s reinvent the wheel over and over and over and over. ;

Hardeman: I think was the best way

Gilfillan: Flat html files with inline css.

Gilfillan: Back to the hynerian empire for me, the dominar rigel XVI is expecting me

Schauf: Hi i dont know if im in the right channel to ask this but its kinda related to wp . i got an email saying that i’m attacking a server . /furanet/sites/ – – 21/Sep/2015:20:03:04 +0200 “POST /wp-content/themes/Avada/comments.php HTTP/1.1” 200 46 “-” “-” “Mozilla/5.0 Windows NT 6.0; rv:16.0 Firefox/12.0”

Dukes: And at the end it said 1 attempts against WP-xmlrpc-ddos.

Rumney: But I dont have wordpress :/

Hardeman: You got infected by some trojaners or something

Vickerson: I was disconnected dont know if someone could answer my question

Urmos: Ezek2k4 – do you purposefully host hosted on your hosting account?

Gilfillan: Fris: i saw part of that, with clive owen?

Affolter: I am having problem with image thumbnail

Chemin: The images i have are cropped !

Peavy: Could anyone help me with tit?

Gilfillan: I’d help you with tit, but google has plenty of sites for that.

Dare: Opsec: i’lve looked but i can’t seem to make it work

Moura: Sounds like a titalating question opsec. t4nk830 – settings – media – uncheck “Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions” to start with.

Arcia: Opsec: i have this: posts_grid type=”portfolio” columns=”3″ rows=”1″ order_by=”date” order=”DESC” thumb_width=”290″ thumb_height=”290″

Rudzinski: With add_image_size ‘post-thumbnail-200’, ‘290’, ‘290’, false ;

Weslowski: Ezek2k4 – then it sounds like either you’re on a shared hosting account and another user is causing problems, or maybe your server got hacked. This is of course going off what you wrote, and that you don’t have any WordPress install on your server and ***uming the email was sent from your hosting provider.

Rather: I’ve come to the conclusion that i hate drupal but i can use it anyway lol

Raposo: LatoSans: the image are generated but it’s still croped !

Rather: I will continue to use WP for normal sites heh

Zeitler: T4nk830, so did you look in the media settings and uncheck cropping or not?

Vigilo: LatoSans: it’s unchecked !

Arvay: Hello I’m trying to get a bidvertiser ad to show up on my sidebar on wordpress theme and not having any luck, been researching for a while today on how to do it to no avail I may just need to walk away and try again later ;

Sachez: Lycanii: did you look at

Quezad: Sachez: I tried a flew plugins entered the sourcode from bidvertiser into the siderbar widget it shows up the title but doesn’t show any ads

Manifold: I’m still reading i wont stop until i get it I’m persistent lol

Skibbe: I’ll take another look back at that I do believe that is one I have tried.

Minderman: Yeah my code doesn’t seem to work with that plugin.

Darlington: Got it to work finally strange, I knew I would! Thanks for the suggestion again stern.