Getting a plugin that is.

Bavzee: Jstransky: you cant use a meta_query. you have to basically just re-make the meta query with a join

Causey: I’m starting to understand sql a lot more but the complex grouping still throws me a bit

Magill: Yep that’s the impression I’ve been getting. Was trying to take a laymen approach to hand-writing the meta part

Schamburek: Clearly with no idea what I was doing

Beacom: Jstransky: just have to repeat the meta query with another OR

Naragon: First can you explain the extra ‘%’s in ‘%%%s%%’?

Tolve: I know the outer makes it a search, and %s is the string replace, but the extra pair I don’t get

Tall: Gahh! another meeting!

Trucchio: This was just getting good

Carsno: Jstransky:

Blommel: I have to go and I hate to ask but any chance you can show me how you’d add an additional meta_key? Possibly in loop form so I could p*** a list?

Bagge: Jstransky: maybe tomorrow. headed home now. Still feeling sick

Miklas: And of course there’s the separate matter of the required meta_key matches but I can tackle that later.

Mansmann: Oh bummer, get better.

Huppe: I’ll play with it. Thanks so much.

Saddat: Jstransky: if you have normal meta queries that are an “AND” to the post_content then you can p*** them normally

Goranson: Filipovich: can I not use existing slugs and preprend them to my own slug?

Tinnell: Oh as the meta_query arg? awesome

Filipovich: AbuDhar: explain that.

Stoldt: Jstransky: as long as you dont minbe the “AND” match . the part you were trying to avoid from the first round of code I gave you

Remondini: Like I have a custom post type but I want to use the slugs of some other page prepended to that custom post type slug

Filipovich: What do you mean “prepend”?

Filipovich: Never mind. There’s something that I want to watch on TV in two minutes, so I’m gone.

Gabri: Like I have a custom post type called doctor and in front of that I want healthpersonnel/doctor

Bertagnolli: But healthpersonnel is also a page with its own slug

Astle: So I could maybe use that pages slug

Sulc: Bu***and: yes, THAT and I actually want

Bahoora: Jstransky: yea then that can be a normal meta query

Naragon: Filipovich: did you understand what I meant?

Dishner: Do you know a plugin that can do a report e.g show a percentage of the number of users using Safari / Chrome / FF? Tried searching google no luck.

Haptonstall: I installed a couple of “responsive” themes, and ***umed that they would dynamically change the number of columns of an image gallery as the page width increased or decreased. But they don’t. How would I get this to happen in the easiest way?

Kebort: Can anyone help me write a rewrite rule? :

Liller: For one of my custom post type urls

Penner: Fris: are you good at it? I have been struggling with this problem for ages. because of SEO I need to prepend something to my post title in the url

Eanni: Hi guys, Do you know a plugin that can do a report e.g show a percentage of the number of users using Safari / Chrome / FF? Tried searching google no luck.

Trussell: What are you looking to make the rewrite do

Trussell: Vinex08_ i think a good stats plugin would do that, like wp slim stat

Browner: Just adding sundhedspersonale/bliv-vikar if it’s Danish so it becomes . fris you get it?

Trussell: Is it going to be this for all posts in the type, or are you wating to specify the prefix on a post basis

Tussey: All posts in the type :

Groenke: Getting a plugin that is called rewrite now.