Gegagome well you get the.

Serl: Hi guys. I just setup wordpress using ssh connection to connect to to do updates and so on. updating plugins and wordpress itself however seems to timeout. the wp update page says unpacking latest version, but it takes forever

Lokan: Moosejaw: the picture on that website is about 2 miles from my house.

Berretta: Opsec are you in oregon or washington?

Lokan: Yes, that’s the east path entrance to the steel bridge

Lokan: Heh, you must be somewhere else ;

Alier: Small world man, im in seattle, but my friend lives in vancouver, wa.

Lokan: Showman: can you tell me where this is? ;

Jeng: Bluenemo: why did you set it up that way?

Showman: That’s the waterfront of downtown Portland, Oregon opsec

Dacunha: She does jiu-jitsu photos for my kids at tournaments and stuff so trying to be helpful to her since shes stuck on this menu issue

Lokan: I recognised it immediately. ride my bike there all the time

Verhagen: Jeng, i dont like ftp

Pavlas: Is it in oregon or washington?

Jeng: You don’t need to use FTP to update. WordPress itself reaches out via https to to FETCH updates

Lokan: Moosejaw: i take it you’re not from around here?

Landress: Well ive been to oregon a bunch but live in seattle. i have a sister in law in salem.

Lokan: I lived in seattle for 6 years

Kocsis: Im downtown on Queen Anne

Lokan: Edmonds, renton, redmond

Langeland: Cool. If you havent been up here in a while the traffic is misery.

Mesecher: VectorX: I am getting these logs:

Lokan: I lived in edmonds with my satanic ex norwegian gf. what a nutball.

Eyestone: Haha. she mustve been hot as hell

Lokan: Moosejaw: i went to ballard about 5 months ago

Toor: Gegagome yeah i think one of your plugins is causing an issue

Melrose: Turn the plugins off and try

Hemsley: Opsec: i used to live in ballard. it’s changed a ton over the last 15 years

Lokan: Moosejaw: the css from the previous menu will not work, unless the cl***es/ids are the same. just a though ;

Karney: Hi guys, is there a good way I can create a drag-and-drop layout builder for the client for his/her posts?

Jeffs: Opsec, but if i rename the menu css or should i just restart? man i **** at css since this isnt my job. im a doctor. haha.

Bellisle: Hmm : how will they have control then? if they want their posts to look a little bit different

Lokan: Moosejaw: well, look at the old css and look at the menu output in the inspector

Lokan: The cl***es defined in the html should match up with the cl***es in the old css

Seggerman: Hi all, can anybody recommend me free mysql hosting?

Lokan: You could just copy/paste all of the old css and append it to the main css file as a quick test

Leverich: Opsec Im looking at it right now, but unsure how to change the cl***es effectively since i didnt do the original theme. the menu system isnt complicated or overly styled

Jorn: VectorX; So more information, and thanks by the way, I have three sites running on this Multisite installation, the root one loads twenty twelve just fine, but the same theme’s customize screen won’t load in any ot the other two sites

Lokan: Hivearts: we don’t do that here, it’s a bad idea for any sort of free hosting. it’s never “free”

Lokan: Moosejaw: just append the old css to the new stylesheet at the bottom and reload the site

Lokan: If it doesn’t work, you either have a cache enabled, or the cl***es/ids aren’t the same

Jeng: There are many such plugins, zagaza, but shame on you if you yield to the temptation

Hagemeier: Gegagome well you get the message that says headers already sent so you would need to turn off the plugins and see if it works