Garuti: it is but they have.

Dempsey: Dopie: pre_get_posts and set orderby

Closs: Well i have 2 pre_get_posts how do i call them in the same page?

Sibble: Combine them into one, or check for different queries. eg $query-is_main_query

Pandiani: Weird. i have a bug all of a sudden, even though i haven’t touched it

Closs: Creason, wp_list_categories $args ;

Closs: Can I set the actual order myself?

Closs: I’m looking at the docs

Closs: And I can’t find how to just list it the way I want too

Ibach: I want to live my site thru ip adress same site with three different ip adresses

Liberti: For example one ip is

Closs: Why is wordpress not showing p tags?

Rosendahl: 2nd one is

Boughan: Dopie:

Vasey: Opsec: i need 1 ip for my office rrom only, 1 is for campus area and 1 for public. is it not possible even after aedd ip addresses in htacess file

Onstead: Abhishek: that makes no sense.

Onstead: Http://

Onstead: Https://

Onstead: Abhishek: read those 2 do***ents.

Onstead: Far off topic of wordpress. something you need to configure at the server level.

Onstead: WordPress is not a server application.

Onstead: WordPress is like a plate of cookies, and the webserver is like a waiter who gets the cookies and serves them to you as you request them

Hiraoka: Opsec: i make my personal server from which i want to show different group of persons with different ip addresses

Onstead: You can configure the webserver to have more than one ip or you can connect several webservers together

Isales: I also made same application in drupal but its works

Onstead: You’re not explaining yourself very well then.

Onstead: Maybe someone else will help you.

Pullan: Opsec: i make small website that in wordpress and hosted my own linux based machine as a server and use as a intranet that website with 3 different ip addresses.

Faden: But with in my office its different ip , in campus it acess thru differnt ip and for publically its different ip

Dusi: But in option table i give site url only one adress is it possible give more than 1 site adresses

Duberry: Opsec: or it is not possible in wordpress for server or intranet apllication

Patin: Wow. this is the first I heard of someone liking opsec’s ‘jokes’

Mchale: Use domain, don’t use IP, and if you have 2 different ways to access, just redirect

Onstead: I don’t see any jokes. feel free to play with each other.

Woolem: Morning guys, I am wondering if someone could help find where a piece code is located. I have taken on the hosting of a website that I did not build and I am new to wordpress. On the frontpage of the site there are 3 columns with images at the top and button below them. I am trying to find the location of the button code so I can edit the links but cannot find it anywhere in the admin panel.

Selis: Woolem: String locator –

Woolem: Doesn’t find anyhting

Woolem: Also use grep as well …

Meissner: Then it’s all programatic and you’ll need to find the theme options or whatnot for it =

Woolem: I hve found one of them …. the upcoming events …

Woolem: That was in the customisation

Woolem: But cannot find the other 2

Woolem: They are a pain to find …. think it is a shortcode being used.

Gruesbeck: Err, that page doesn’t appear to be WordPress at all.

Woolem: Garuti: it is but they have a plugin called hide wordpress