Ruhmann: It was in my HTACCESS

Latino: What are your guys’ feelings on reusing variable names when redefining variables

Towse: That ****es me off so bad

Nordeen: LindsayM_: seems like an explosive mix ;

Nordeen: BOGO: emotions really have no place in logical problems. oil + water.

Funt: Opsec: so $the_user = ’43’; $the_user = intval$the_user;

Hailes: It was some coding I put in

Weintraub: Basically taking the same val and tweaking it minorly

Holiman: I was trying to make it so it used cookies better

Nordeen: LindsayM_: that seems normal, seen that a bunch

Claude: Opsec: yea thats what i’m talking about when talking about re-using variables

Nordeen: But as a practice i don’t see that being used “too” much

Dong: Http://

Barcliff: That is all the code I had to take out

Cappucci: Yea i’m talking about when specifically working with variables where the value of it does not /really/ change

Romance: BOGO: just rip code out. what could go wrong? amiright?

Futrelle: I know that was the one I did today

Nordeen: BOGO: that stuff should go in the vhost, many rules will not work in .htaccess

Nordeen: BOGO: do you know what htaccess is sole purpose is?

Bourgue: But I found a few sites that listed it should go there

Nordeen: Howtos are for experts, because very few of them are correct.

Nordeen: Do***entation is for everyone.

Nordeen: Howtos are not do***entation.

Revering: It was off a wordpress site too

Nordeen: They are “here’s my wacky idea, unless you’re smart enough to see through the bs”

Vanvoorhees: BOGO: what do you mean “a wordpress site”?

Marcolina: A wordpress approved site

Ehn: BOGO: what are you tlaking about?

Nordeen: Do***entation is what is provided by the source.

Dolloff: Whats a “wordpress approved site”?

Nordeen: It’s got the stamp of L. Ron Hubbard on it.

Nordeen: BOGO: take a logical approach to problem solving, follow the do***entation provided by the source of the software, not random internet howtos

Cheers: Yah yah I know better

Nordeen: Many howtos are well meaning but lack proper facts, are incomplete, or suggest bs that you should not do.

Nordeen: If you don’t know then it’s just blind following. which rarely results in true understanding or a working site

Askland: No seriously though. wtf is a wordpress approved site?

Nordeen: That’s why the docs from the source are “best” ;

Nooman: Hi people, i have this task and im trying to find best approach to this. I have Products CPT, and single product has ACF repeater field with Resources. I need to create external page with resources for all products. In sidebar menu i will have list of products, and when you click on one of them page will load with only resources for that product. I know how to call ACF post data in external post, but my question is how t

Garcia: O get that menu in sidebar, if i list all the products, link will lead you to single product page, and i need to take user on a page with only resources

Nordeen: I’m still waiting for what the single purpose of an .htaccess file is

Nordeen: Ul71m0: i feel like alice in wonderland after reading that

Nordeen: Is there a “drink me” somewhere?

Weiser: Ul71m0: oohh sounds like you’re in a really REALLY bad world of bad data architecture and data management

Sonnen: Ie: no planning/ bad planning

Fierros: LindsayMac: i did not made this yet, i came here for advice first :

Haims: Add_action ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘theme_enqueue_styles’ ;

Sedlock: Function theme_enqueue_styles {