Fujihara: I defined two rss.

Amberson: I done that from cpanel. I don’t now have to do use default twenty from cpanel

Benson: Sorry for my writing english

Nordeen: Rename your active them folder

Vivar: How can I automate all images to use https on a https site?

Paxson: Locally uploaded ones

Nordeen: Cupe: configure your webserver correctly

Loughborough: Do you mean castumizr themes

Nordeen: It shouldn’t be serving http and https, one or the other only.

Fardo: Yeah ok I’ll just configure MY webserver

Cabanela: You mean the hosting company I use, right?

Sauser: Of which I don’t have access to

Nordeen: Cupe: you’ll need to contact them and tell them you want ssl only, not mixed content

Nordeen: It’s very simple to do but must be done on the webserver

Nordeen: Redirect your http 80 vhost to the https 443

Nordeen: If they’ve enabled mod_rewrite you may be able to add: Redirect / https://example.com/ to an .htaccess file

Nordeen: If it’s nginx that won’t work though.

Nordeen: For htaccess files to be enabled they’d need to AllowOverride FileInfo on your do***entroot

Berta: If the url gets changed in the wp admin panel

Prety: Something is broken and I can’t get into admin panel

Ahyou: It keeps redirecting to https when the site is http

Nuce: Can someone help with that

Kniess: I’m googling and Edwin is helping

Dina: Site is redirecting to https but isn’t https

Delanoche: So I can’t access admin panekl

Villecus: Cupe: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Moving_WordPress

Wilfred: Read – If You Forget to Change the Locations

Saltsman: And If You Have Accidentally Changed your WordPress Site URL

Conch: Hello we have compony site powered by wordpress. mycompany.com – wordpress site. In addtional to we want to blog.mycompany.com. But blog.mycompany.com includes one page of mycompany.com

Pedrosa: But why bother with blog.mycompany.com, subdomains aren’t as easy mycompany.com/blog

Sunford: Fujihara: my boss wants from me ;

Slown: You can use WordPress in Multisite mode

Infantolino: But maybe you should advise your boss to just do mycompany.com/blog, where blog is just a listing of all posts

Singer: Isn’t it just a custom rewrite tho? 😮

Drone: Business people have weird requirements, been there 😛

Sleaford: If you really want a subdomain, just rewrite subdomain.domain.com to domain.com/blog

Hammarlund: I will try wordpress multisite

Drone: If it involves hacks in wordpress don’t do it, my moto 😛 xD

Stevick: I wouldn’t use multisite

Spaziani: It’s a lot of extra work to make something minor like what you want

Rizzardi: Fujihara: Should I use rewrite?

Balcazar: That’s what I would do

Yancik: Fujihara: Actually my purpose is I will collect post from another blogs as spec tags. I am using feedwordpress for this. But I want to show posts blog.mycompany.com instead of mycompany.com/blog

Punzo: Fujihara: maybe you can give me another suggesstion. Actually I couldn’t use feedwordpress because of I am new in wordpress

Simmon: I don’t get why you insist on showing the subdomain

Deangeles: But if you want to do that, you probably need multisite, or 2 wordpress installations

Kloeck: Fujihara: so do you know how to use feedwordpress?

Arietta: It’s just an aggregator, is there any learning involved?

Drone: You can also use json api just to get page data

Stamey: Fujihara: I defined two rss. But I couldn’t show in mycompany.com/blog page. I see posts in posts menus. But I couldn’t connect to blog page.