From what I read, front-page.

Vogeler: This is all the help i can provide on this subject ;

Dermody: Fris: just got a new error after i included that file

Dermody: Fatal error: Cl*** ‘WeDevs_Settings_API’ not found in C:xampphtdocswordpresswp-contentthemesmikes-ultimate-news-themeincsettings-api.php on line 255

Patanella: Opsec: Yes I got the email!

Dermody: And all i did was include a file

Vogeler: Then you are doing something wrong

Dermody: Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’m just including a php file

Vogeler: Line 255 shouldnt have that at all

Vogeler: You obviously didnt put the right file

Vogeler: wordpress-settings-api-cl***/master/src/cl***.settings-api.php">Https://***/master/src/cl***.settings-api.php this is the settings cl***

Vogeler: The example p***es the options

Dermody: The media uploader doesn’t work as it hsould anymore

Vogeler: Dermody this is what your functions file should be

Piantanida: Hi guys. A question. The source code on core.trac is not implemented in the current wp trunk, how can I get it? In my case I’m looking for the src/wp-includes/cl***-wp-term.php

Vogeler: Get rid of your main.js also its not needed and is probably interfering

Vogeler: Cant help much anymore, i need to get some of my work done ;

Jeng: Widoz: how do you get what?

Jeng: Widoz: I think the best place to ask about that is on slack so you can talk to the core devs

Rathel: Jeng: there is a cl***-wp-term.php file in that ticket, a cl*** that I want to try to use, but it is not into the trunk. So, I want to know if there is a way to access to the src/ repo to test that cl***

Dermody: I give up, it’s jsut too complicated for me

Pintar: Jeng: that directory src/ is not accessible?

Jeng: Dermody: there’s always the evil customizer :-

Dermody: But my weekend starts.

Jeng: Widoz: the best place to ask is in slack

Jeng: Dermody: because you’ve wasted the past 3 days

Dermody: Not wasted, new learning curve

Dermody: But oop php is too much for me now

Dermody: Unblievable how much time we spend behind the pc too

Jeng: I’d taking a field trip to Costco later today. That will be fun.

Jeng: A few blocks from here

Jeng: It’s where one buys in m*** quantities

Dermody: Where in US you live?

Jeng: Retail, in m*** quantites

Dermody: Cool, I’d like to try US one day

Dermody: Anywhere but Netherlands. :

Dermody: It’s only warm here for like 2-3 months

Dermody: The rest of the year cold and wet

Dermody: It amazes me how far behind the world is to becoming one nation

Dermody: And we are in the year 2015

Dermody: Well maybe I’d like to easily moved to other parts of the world

Dermody: And also be entitled to social security

Dermody: If i cna’t find a job?

Jeng: I imagine your social benefits in the netherlands are better than here. You don’t want to know how much I pay for heath insurance!

Dermody: With my p***port being Dutch, I am only entitled to live in this country

Dermody: Yes they are, but they should be equal all over the world

Jeng: Eh. I prefer local sensibilities and less god

Dermody: Yeah well, you get my point

Goodfield: If I want to make a custom home page, but not a static one, I want it to pull in a few recent posts, and feature a single post at the top. Should I customize index.php or work on front-page.php ?

Powis: From what I read, front-page.php is only for static pages? Should not be using a loop in there