Fris2 i am trying to do a.

Haitz: Someone was saying I can just create that reltionship in wp_query then another said just use posts 2 posts.

Baron: Filipovich: went to bb to use bootable usb of OS X went into panic as well

Rickers: Going to Apple Store on Thursday

Filipovich: You’ve broken Yosemite? Everywhere?

Niebergall: For example, I want to put a number how many reviews each property has and star rating.

Laurita: Ya Kahahane will boot every option

Manders: Oh no I’m not turning on my mac mini until you fix Yosemite everywhere! lol

Scigliano: WorkingNow: why not use rating in the post then query the results

Stockholm: Post to posts does connections between types

Morneau: If review was a sep type

Sugrue: I am using Caldera Forms plugin and unsure how to use %field_slug%. Should I use %field_slug:name% ?

Hemmen: Yeah. One option was for me to build the reviews as meta data into the same post type as property. But right now it is a seperate postype that will create a new post from a fairly long frontend submission questionnair.

Gannon: Review with no ***ociation doesn’t make sense

Bushorn: How are you as singing

Methe: Be better to review in the post then just query properties

Bado: One person suggested I create a field/meta in the questionnaire that would then be used to ***ociate it with each property.

Pennycuff: Fris2 have you queried against the api?

Batra: Hi guys, can anyone advise if a theme reviewer will reject a screenshot img if it contains a small instance of the theme’s default logo in it, regardless if the content of the image largely shows the default layout as expected?

Metro: I’m looking for a filter whenever the title of a post/page is changed? Is add_action ‘save_post’ the only one? If so, is there any way to know what changed?

Weyers: Posts 2 posts looks cool, just googled it cause yall were talking about it. I can’t think of a reason I’d need that now but it will sit in my brain now, thank you

Filipovich: Fris2: El Capitan ships tomorrow!

Stoffel: ScoDal: yeah, I just discovered it last night. I would think there would be tons of cool things you could do with it. This guy explains a situation really well:

Wohlwendi: Doubt i would upgrade to that anyway cause of some of the security features

Bouthot: Oh sweet, checking now WorkingNow

Coroniti: Fris2 only reason why i am asking is because i am trying to search against the videos cl*** and /list method

Brevil: WorkingNow: doesn’t make sense in your situation

Blasko: So i want to bring back results that only have the search term

Malbaurn: So guys i have some plugins that load there js scripts inside the header which i dont like

Malbaurn: But editing the plugins is not really good

Louder: WorkingNow: like I’ve done it with a list of baseball players in one type and list of galleries in another connecting them

Malbaurn: Should i deregister and reregister them?

Funn: Filipovich, I got another one : $first_ecommerce is actually an object when i put the_title; it shows the title of the current post. but I want to show the title of the $first_ecommerce object

Krows: Malbaurn I experienced the same thing, I have a function that will deregister them all, but that didn’t seem optimal either, so I found a plugin where you can specify what plugins are registered per page or post

Rossing: Fris2 the jwplatform api

Brungardt: Does either of that sound useful to you Malbaurn?

Sedman: What are you questing

Woline: Malbaurn, deregistering them all made them all break, and specifying them manually in my head meant that I’d have to discover what to manual specify for every new plugin I tried to use

Nobregas: Fris2 i am trying to do a search query to return video objects that have the same title as the search term