Fris: which plugin is that.

Geil: Shebbi you would have to look through the different plugins which offer this

Geil: Or figure it out yourself, or hire someone ;

Geil: If you dont mind spending few bucks, codersclan is good

Geil: Usually get cheap stuff done quick

Geil: Https://

Geil: Https:// example of a question

Begg: Are you saying Icould be making money off my WordPress knowledge 😮

Geil: For not asking, but for answering

Geil: Shebbi the easy way would be to use a plugin, and it wouldnt cost you anything, and you can get it up pretty quick

Geil: Minus the sexual refernece at the end :p

Knier: Fris: have you used codersclan before?

Geil: Yes, butg for answering, not asking

Clyburn: Ollivierre: what project you working on?

Geil: Use a plugin, will save you time and money :p

Tidey: Fris: how much you get paid for answering?

Geil: Shebbi whatever the question is set at

Figueira: Currently? Oh so many, but right this second a realtor site

Geil: If its set to $200 or whatever

Zedaker: Ollivierre: you freelance or work for company?

Botdorf: Fris: you only do jobs $200 and up? It’s says $25 bucks per task

Geil: That example i showed you was just an example

Geil: Some are 50, some are 100, etc

Demille: Who decides on the price?

Rabb: How the owner of site makes money then? Lol

Geil: Whoever is asking rhe question

Geil: Shebbi a % trans fee for the owner

Rylowicz: What’s stopping me from getting all the wp jobs and putting you out of business fris?

Geil: The question asker marks the answer

Geil: And ivde only used the site like 3 times, i dont get work from it often

Wanvig: So multiple people can submit an answer

Shongo: You submit an answer and may not get paid

Geil: Thats how sites like this usally work, same with stackexchange, and wpquestions ;

Wittry: It ensures that the answers given are well thought out and in depth

Current: You spend hours working out an answer, submit it, and not get paid

Gutknecht: You know someone else might have a better quality answer, so you do your best and strive to make yorus the best

Reimund: If you spend hours on it, you’re not looking to use a site like that imho

Westmark: At that point you hire a freelancer for an extended time period off oDesk or similar

Hiltbrand: What if some clown improves on your idea. I ***ume others can see what answer you posted.

Geil: Its up to the question asker

Geil: Like any other q/a site

Aline: Fris: question was can you see what answers others have submitted so you can submit a better one?

Geil: Yes all answers are public in the post

Accurso: Fris: what’s the deadline for answers per tasks. All askers will always say $25

Geil: Some are 100 bucks, some are 200bucks

Trevathan: Build me a Facebook site for $25

Rede: Someone clown will do it

Bickers: I am building a theme, and I would like to add a change logo option

Pargman: Does anyone knwo a good tutorial ?

Bayouth: How to use a custom db table to store a custom post type ?

Finchman: I know how to create a custom popst type and a custom db

Schain: But how to link both :

Sibrel: Shebbi: They might, but then you just don’t take that project, sellers market ;

Geil: Shebbi here is a simple example of multiple upload only took 30 seconds to setup

Gokey: Fris: which plugin is that?