For wordpress site that.

Mcknight: At 15 you’ve got another 50 years before you’re old yet LatoSans

Moncur: LatoSans: It will be gone

Merna: VR and machine learning will be all over the place

Danielovich: And other better backend stacks are around, and no time to recode

Brouse: I don’t think it’ll be gone, too many people use it. If it is gone, 90% of the web will still have today’s version installed

Woodend: Kamuela: the web will be pretty much non important too

Hulette: It’ll be a layer you don’t notice, that’s for sure

Twaddle: Push based devices, and vr devices will be the thing. With AIs that know what you want before you want it, searching for information will be oldskool.

Ferland: Future is about life automation bots. “You need to eat now, this is the most nutritious food to the lowest price currently in your surroundings.”

Scoby: It sounds like you have a lot of coding to do between now and then MarkusDBX

Allwood: Google now is already doing it

Sawtelle: Siri from apple with their watch too

Cecchi: VR has been under development for many years.

Fousek: The machine learning people have been working for like 20years mostly in academic settings.

Cloninger: Google is using machine learning heavily for most of their services, actually that is their main product.

Dixion: Machine learning? Nah, too many designers and coders will be out of a job. We’re the WordPress mafia.

Pharr: LatoSans: they will be out a job, be sure about that = or working for some of the big players.

Pawlitschek: Already wix, squarespace and also is putting huge pressure on freelance coders and designers.

Rosenquist: Imo, not having machine learning was to automate stuff in 15 years is going to **** bad.

Molliere: I think those people who migrate to those sites usually are low value customers, and wouldn’t really go to a designer to begin with. Reminds me of the same people who use to use Geocities back in the day. Yes, the individual can make nicer sites with today’s tech. With increased ability and customization, comes increased complexity and required knowledge. ;

Trifiletti: Lagory: those services will more likely have to cater to the professional developers who will still be paid to use them :

Miskovich: Unless the machines become self-aware, and SkyNet goes online. Then we’re in bigger troubles than being out of work.

Poor: Kamuela: Yeah, highend devs is in m***ive demand, and will be in the future. Currently you can get a job at apple or google tomorrow if you know machine learning.

Helweg: Well i “know” machine learning and basic concepts

Fiwck: But apple or google are gonna require a PhD or the equivalent work experience to hire me

Rhett: Not really, I don’t know about apples hiring procedures nor google really, just form hearsay, but they value experience and knowledge over silly papers these days =

Waldroop: I’ve got 3 projects to do right now, and I’m waiting on the one with the least responsive guy

Villaneva: The procrastination is strong with me

Banville: Hi, anyone knows a reasonable expires value for nginx for wordpress site that updates every day?

Reiley: I’m not sure if modified +24h would be a good idea

Molton: Twirl: Ideally you’d use a cache plugin that can invalidate the cache on change for you

Truss: Jiron: i have the wp total cache

Wheeington: Dunno if its doing any good tho

Speth: But it’s not setting the expires headers

Daichendt: Depends on your setup, but I use WP Super Cache with Nginx myself.

Lokan: You’re far better off with your nginx setup than any plugin can hope for. they are all designed for after the fact

Nobel: Opsec: so, that leads to my original question, what is the correct value for expires var in nginx conf file

Calamarino: For wordpress site that updates daily?