Filipovich: I’m looking to.

Borton: Yea they are separated from begining but they had same database from start they are just with different language

Bahr: So your end goal is to KEEP the same post ID?

Welman: Bahr: i know i did it bad way i want to do it now by rest api

Bahr: Hvk: you’re not understanding what i’m saying

Bahr: So is the rest API letting you create posts and pages, jusst not custom post types?

Egert: I was doing it bhy same id and it didnt work out. i know problem now

Bahr: Ok and which user are you logged in as?

Bahr: Which role i should say does your logged in user have, Hvk

Kerbs: Bahr: admin he can add everything etc

Bahr: Well if you’re inserting a page or post, and set post_type to your post type and it’s not workijng, then i dunno :

Bahr: Might help to ask rubyronin —

Betteridge: Rubyronin: Hey me šŸ˜€ i am trying query and insert custom post type

Furubotten: What are you having trouble with

Majer: The query or the insert?

Momphard: First query then insert

Builes: I can do it with post

Beary: But not with my custom type

Rensen: Do you have a codepen setup?

Scholnick: Http:// here is my type

Balensiefen: I have a unique question, hoping someone can answer it for me

Harrop: In woocommerce from the shop order page, when you are adding a new product to an order you hit add line item then add product

Pencil: When you hit add product, it triggers some js with the id wc-modal-add-products

Brand: Inside the js is the html

Snuffer: The html for the modal that is

Filipovich: Woocommerce-nub: can you walk me through the steps here:

Tanimoto: Rubyronin: you can try it on that api what i posted

Deodato: Hvk: aah your using v2

Teston: Rubyronin: yea i posted it

Guttierez: And there is like none do***entation šŸ˜€

Lindenfelser: That is the page. ctrl+f for wc-modal-add-products

Filipovich: You want to change that HTML?

Marley: I want to change the ‘search for a product’ text

Skulski: Im using woocommerce for a property rental site

Adolphus: I need to change it to select a unit

Filipovich: You can change that using gettext — it’s ranslateable

Boivin: Hvk:

Filipovich: Woocommerce-nub: add a filter with In your filter, check that you’re on an aadmin page

Keefauver: Rubyronin: yea but its post not cpt-projects

Soluri: Hvk: your saying cpt-projects is a custom post type correct?

Monaldi: What plugin did you use to create your custom post types?

Hrcka: Rubyronin: this should be post what i want to use

Altwies: So i can add a new conditional statement to it

Filipovich: The _e . is the clue!

Bonjorno: I can’t ccess that post

Rastogi: But how do i tell it which page? i.e. right now its like if ‘product’ == get_post_type {

Knapik: Rubyronin: its that post what i want i dont know why its forbiden

Sickinger: Or if $domain == ‘woocommerce’ {

Pinnix: Check to see if you locked it down somehow in types

Moretz: Woot woot it worked, nevermind

Bedocs: I use custom post types ui and acf

Huston: Last question though, what about the placeholder text

Gal: Nvm, also translateable

Spanier: Filipovich: I’m looking to create a social media/google ****ytics dashboard with client login in WordPress, any suggestions on were I should start?