Filipovich: finally I found.

Filipovich: Nak: my name isn’t “state” but it’s stored in the database, as is my email. should those be part of the apache environment?

Filipovich: Brings to mind a quote attributed to Charles DeGaulle: The graveyards are full of indispensable men.

Pledger: I would take this opportunity to remind everyone of the lovely feature known as /ignore =

Filipovich: Anyhow, you’ve made your point, misguided as it may be.

Pera: Cool, quote some authors

Bussa: Seriously, ignore each other.

Etier: Filipovich so do you have a script that you run to prune/replace production env config from a db snapshot in order to run it in a different environment ?

Fabrizio: How much time do you spend working around that ?

Chetram: It’s annoying enough that wordpress hardcodes the f domain in your database

Tuckerman: As well as every single absolute url in post bodies

Wanser: How much do you enjoy that environment configuration in your database ?

Daigneault: Is it really fun running wordpress locally having to update your hosts file constantly ?

Biglin: I do know it too that keys are not stored in the database, mediawiki for example does that too as far as i can remember. configuration done via the “config” file

Swee: I would love it if i could store more environment config in my database so i have to manually switch more things

Lampert: Tweichart, according to Filipovich, that’s a horrible idea and mediawiki has no idea what they’re doing

Moncier: Nak: You’re still being an ***, I’d appreciate it if you stopped now =

Loyed: Hi, I have a wp_query for a custom post type added by a plugin, the plugin injects some values in the sql some meta_value checks how can I ask wp_query to not listen to filters or whatever adds that stuff?

Spritzer: But the thing here is that mediawiki doesn’t care for usability. if you want to add or change a key you need to connect to the server and change it in the files. as far as i understand it wp tries to make it configurable this way ;-

Angland: Which filter can I use to prevent the insertion of a comment? i wanna make a simple word filter

Shibata: And block the comment from being posted if it has a word in it

Filipovich: Jnhghy: perhaps. you could examine the query via a filter set with a very high priority PHP_INT_MAX

Warneke: Anyway thanks for your tip nak but I’ll go with Filipovich’s tip

Mimis: Tweichart wordpress is so “user-friendly” that it’s developer-harmful

Filipovich: Pratham: there are several plugins for that, plus a filter or two you can use. Would you rather go the plugin or programming route?

Gallihugh: Filipovich: thanks for the suggestion, I have a ***ue memory of a parameter “overwrite” or something that could be set to not take in account filters. but can’t find it. maybe my memories lie to me :

Gunder: Filipovich very web 3.0

Chhan: I actually want to use this library

Zahl: Compelling engaging intuitive edgy exciting clever informative

Filipovich: Pratham: cool. I’m trying to remember the api function

Manka: Thanks, i’m going through the list of filters too

Filipovich: Pratham: under dashboard – settings – discussion, you can block words. You could write function that adds words to this list.

Filipovich: Pratham: and by tracing how that works, probably write your own filter

Filipovich: Pratham: looking at WordPress/WordPress/blob/master/wp-includes/comment-functions.php#L75">

Skinsacos: Is there a simple “register_media” like function in core ?

Filipovich: There doesn’t seem to be a filter

Racca: I need ot grab a few individual files from the web and push into a post and import, was hpoing I could do it the “fast and simple” way 😛

Helmig: Filipovich: finally I found the action that added that and was able to remove the acction, thanks for your suggestion again!