Filipovich: but I changed.

Cortina: Filipovich: i’ve got a lot of sites myself, but as i said the messages aren’t really the issue, it’s the fact that one site is continually being targeted from what appears to be a large array of different geographic locations.

Filipovich: After a while, they’ll go pick on someone else.

Laferte: In all my years in this racket, i’ve never had a single site be attacked in such a manner.

Filipovich: You could be the site behind CloudFlare for a while

Hollerud: It just seems odd. the site isn’t even significant beyond the local area.

Strope: That’s not a bad idea actually.

Szydlowski: RabSimpson install CPhulk on your server

Albin: RabSimpson: I manage like 100+ different WP sites, a lot of them local to my area and they are constantly under attack by someone bot net, etc

Filipovich: Hmmm. may have found Bu***and’s myspace page. Who knew such things still exist?

Aroyo: Woocommerce-nub: cphulk is great for cpanel, but of little help for wordpress.

Rosenlof: Maerc: i guess i’ve just been lucky until now 😛

Funn: Https://

Funn: How do i check if its saving the value?

Funn: I’m having a hard time figure outweigh the selected dropdown isn’t adding selection

Filipovich: RabSimpson: they come and they go.

Barket: Filipovich: like karma chameleons?

Filipovich: They come and go, talking of Michaelangelo

Rackliffe: RabSimpson: I had a client call me, frantic because they were getting so many login attempts they insisted on getting the emails. They thought they were the sole target of the attack – that someone was out to get them. keep in mind, this is a small mom and pop kind of place. I checked the logs / ip and asked if they had any enemies in Ukraine.

Filipovich: I’m blocking all ukraine IP ranges at this point

Almen: Heheheh, yeah, i looked at the hostnames and figured whoever was behind the attack likely wasn’t in all of these places 😛

Faught: My page is not showing!

Salveson: Abudhar: have you tried visiting it?

Wilkin: RabSimpson: many times

Filipovich: AbuDhar: by not showing — what do you mean?

Colas: Http://

Shelburne: Anyone have error saying “RewriteEngine not allowed here” for .htaccess?

Filipovich: Shelburne: shared hosting or ?

Funn: Filipovich, how do print out the value that i selected to see if its being selected?

Shidler: It worked earlier sterndata

Gerstein: Has anyone had luck forcing https for admin users viewing the site when logged in to get the admin bar css/js to resolve

Filipovich: Dopie: why are you asking me this?

Filipovich: AbuDhar: and what did you change?

Funn: Filipovich, because you seem like a smart fellow

Vier: FORCE_SSL_ADMIN seems to only effect wp-admin directory pages

Filipovich: Dopie: read about print_r

Almquist: A lot Filipovich. e.g. I tried to append .html to the url. that may have messed up something.

Shelburne: I notice my .htaccess has a bunch of stuff in it.looks like a couple of plugins added to it.

Filipovich: AbuDhar: if it worked once and doesn’t now, what did you change in between?

Colcord: Private posts are not showing up in the recent posts sidebar even when I am logged in…any ideas why?

Vanhese: I tried to translate the slug based on language. so I changed a plugin.

Filipovich: You can’t change slugs and expect other things that remember the slug to continue to work! Didn’t we talk about this yesterday or the day before? Or was that someone else?

Saba: Filipovich: but I changed back in the code