Fierman: ok , and you want.

Dulan: Soreau: you’re welcome

Kua: I am a bit stuck here when ’embedding’ a post on another page.

Callaway: Is there a method to force the execution of a php loop of a page, prior to displaying it on another page using the get_post method?

Karam: Fierman: what exactly are you trying to achieve

Ruybal: LindsayM_: i have a page, which does not have static content

Josefy: I also have a homepage, in which i want to display the non-static content in a small part

Casuse: Fierman: Wouldn’t it be easier to define a widget area on your homepage and use one of the many posts widget to display the post in the defined widget area?

Coples: DocGroove: i guess so. but i am not confident with the concept of widgets at all. usually a division in rows and columns and using dedicated pages for the sections works for me

Sayward: Fierman: what is this “not static content” ?

Techau: LindsayM_: ‘events’ , one of the many event tables

Patzner: Fierman: what do you mean “many event tables”

Stogner: The page itself is empty, it calls all its content by template

Netolicky: LindsayM_: there are a lot of ‘events’ plugins

Riggin: Fierman: that sounds like a HUGE mess you have there

Seher: There are a lot of ‘events’ plugins – in wp in general

Linquist: Not in my installation :

Nulle: Why do you have an empty page pulling content from another source that you want to pull content from to the home page?

Suppa: Fierman: it sounds messy

Hoisington: It’s not an empty page

Beaudreau: It just doesn’t have static content

Eckford: Fierman: you said:

Brinkmeyer: Fierman: you need to clarify more what exactly your setup is. what your data is, where it comes from, and where you want it and how

Hamparian: Fierman: creating a widget area is easy:

Fietek: DocGroove: a widget area is pretty different than creating your own widget

Calderaro: LindsayM_: i wanted to avoid a complete rundown on my particular situation. it would clutter the channel with my convo only, and i just wanted to ask whether it was possible what i have in mind

Keimig: Anyway, this is the page:

Beard: LindsayM_: From what I understand he wants to embed a post on his fronpage?

Viles: Fierman: we need clarification on the setup, data, and goals in order to help point people in the right direction

Skarda: The event table is generated by a template only

Fletchen: Fierman: what does that mean?! “Generated by a template”

Tierney: And by event table do you mean an actual HTML table? Or a DB table?

Waletzko: DocGroove: he doesnt REALLY know what he needs ATM .

Lostroh: If you look at the page you will see i mean the html table

Loncar: Anyone have a suggegestion on a member dir that is sortable by different catagories and that the profile pages dont **** or at least they can be changed easy enough

Clothey: I am trying to ’embed’ this html table which is of course not static html, but generated in a php template on my main page

Wan: Fierman you can put a global $post; thing in a page template and fetch a custom wp_query for some posts

Bernstrom: Poiz: yes, that’s what i tried

Wan: If i understood you correctly

Delfin: Fierman: when you say its “generated” in a php template. you need to tell me where you get the actual event data from?

Sieloff: Fierman: is it hardcoded?

Wan: Fierman can i see the template

Quicksall: This is the template which generates the event table:

Servello: Fierman: ok , and you want to embed that code on the front page?