Exairnous, sorry but I.

Tauteoli: No, I haven’t. I’m not using multisite and I have no idea how to setup a mirrored install, I haven’t heard of that before

Delmoro: Exairnous, well if you have existing users that you don’t want to interrupt service that is a way to do it – just have a second WordPress installation with the same setup for simple testing purposes.

Delmoro: If it’s not an issuen, then disable the plugins and send an email to see if a plugin is causing a problem.

Gagliardo: Thanks for the tip about a mirrored install for testing; I’ll look into that later. For now just let me quickly try disabling plugins; 1 sec :

Hanify: Hey guys. by default, does wordpress keep track of views per post? if so, where?

Zagami: Well, that was stupid. I was doing siege against a wordpress install, server was handling ~2000req/s just fine, but I didn’t realize I was killing the box I was runnign siege on :-

Iracheta: When creating pages, is it possible to filter the “list of post” option for a specific category?

Frum: You can’t tell me that wordpress doesnt log a view count. surely it does?! please.

Schupp: It would be so trivial to do

Anable: Why isnt it inbuilt!?

Tenharmsel: Khu, so one of the plugins is part of the problem. I’ll be back when I’ve found which one

Helmstetter: Can single.php live in sub-directories or is it something that can only live within the root? Haven’t seen this specified in developers wordpress but it seems to be the case.

Swell: Exairnous, disable plugins one at a time till the problem goes away.

Heptinstall: Hey with Google ****ytics plugins. they tell you to authenticate your google ****ytics. that means you’re basically giving your google username and p***word to a wordpress app developer right? LOL!

Dillen: Khu, looks like it’s All In One WordPress Security And Firewall, but it’s creation of the email is almost exactly the same as the default

Chery: That’s quite a security/privacy concern :

Delmoro: Exairnous, seems like you found the culprit. You might want to raise this issue to the developers of that plugin. I’m sure they would like to know.

Chetram: EoN: I think they use OAuth, so your WP/P*** don’t go to the plugin. The page you enter your Google User/P*** on should be hosted at google.com

Heckendorf: EoN, not exactly, if the developer is correctly accessing Google’s API, then you are authenticating directly with Google’s webserver’s and an “authentication token” is created and pased to the clien the plugin.

Belongia: Khu, just double-checking now to make sure, but I’ve looked at their code, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it

Delmoro: Exairnous, yet it’s causing the problems? You might want to look for anything regarding this – https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/sanitize_user

Delmoro: Just a guess Exairnous, but did you install the plugin after some users with spaces were created?

Maffei: Khu, yep I got the correct Plugin; I don’t know I’m managing a site that already had thousands of users before I started, though I have added ones with spaces since installing it

Robeza: If I print just the username in the email or if I do a rawurlencode on it it’s right, but as soon as it goes through network_site_url the spaces are gone

Delmoro: It’s kind of odd cause I’m browsing through the plugin code and don’t really see anything that sticks out as causing the problem. Personally, I don’t use that plugin. Sorry I can’t offer more advice than – contact the plugin developer.

Ceaser: Khu, that’s ok, for now I can jerry-rig it to work, but a more pressing problem is that even with a correctly formatted email if I click on the link it says invalid key, but if I copy and paste into the browser it works. Any ideas?

Fahie: Greetings all! I’ve built a wordpress multisite. Currently I use wp-api to pull data from each subsite via http rest into a mobile app. Whenever I add a new site I have to hardcode it into the app. How do i automate this process? Like this post? I want to list all subsites via a http rest api request

Delmoro: Rubyronin, https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wp_get_sites

Delmoro: Exairnous, sorry but I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head except not to use it.