Everything outside of WP.

Bahr: Yeah i meant on the small cases it can be genetic.

Bahr: Or a DNA modifying virus

Bahr: Cancer.org says it is in http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/geneticsandcancer/heredity-and-cancer

Bahr: I just saw that and it was freakin sad about his daughter

Savaria: They’re invested in cancer staying around as “sad but currently untreatable”

Bahr: Got the feels. couldn’t imagine being in that situation and preparing your kids

Savaria: American cancer society doesn’t want cancer to be “cured”. that means their end and more imporantly, an end to funding.

Bahr: I wasn’t aware it’s 100% preventale

Savaria: When millions or billions of $ are at stake, humans are pretty ruthless.

Gisin: We should just promise them even more money if they find a cure

Savaria: Jstransky: “any day now we’ll have a cure, can we get some more money.?”

Masiello: Right, but intead of saying here’s millions to “work” on it, say “here’s billions to release it”

Bahr: You’re not talking about chemo?

Savaria: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3aJGn4QC4Q

Savaria: Jstransky: you’re missing the far bigger picture.

Papik: Regarding cure of cancer: http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php?f=1162 http://xkcd.com/931/

Swoope: If they release it then sue them for billions for violating public trust

Savaria: Cancer is an “industry” upon itself. hundreds of groups benefit from it not being “cured”

Mokry: Opsec: I get that, they just need incentives to change business models where there is no risk to the stakeholders

Savaria: Jstransky: not going to happen with a cash cow.

Filipovich: A little off topic, opsec jstransky crisumi

Savaria: You can repeat the process for diabetes and just about any other “uncurable” dis-ease

Hoffpauir: No doubt, I just like to spout pragmatic nonsense

Filipovich: Caino: hey, what’s up

Dalpe: Side note, one of the funniest things Chris Rock ever said.

Schimmel: Just whatching a funny video 😀

Bahr: Filipovich: yeah didn’t mean to get into a cancer discussion after mentioning alex. woops.

Filipovich: Check the slider text on this site. looks like they slapped on a template and walked away. Crap like this is why we have a hard time selling WordPress as a professional solution. http://dilaudid.net/

Abend: Is it expected that where the wp_enqueue_style parent theme style.css loads the is /after/ the child theme style.css?

Bahr: Filipovich: that is lovely!

Bahr: Yeah. lots of folks outside of WP talk bad about WP heh

Bahr: But then you get in WP and everyones like SUP!?

Bahr: Same with drupal and joomla tho joomla really ****s lol

Bahr: At least legacy 1.5 did 😛

Sowada: Bahr i’m “inside” WP and talk bad about WP

Tees: Bahr have you ever done development that didn’t involve working with a full app/cms such as drupal, joomla, wordpress ?

Harver: Have you ever built something from scratch, or used other frameworks ?

Bahr: Though it’s been a while. money has been awesome with side WP gigs, not to mention i’m lucky enough to have had it as my full time gig too

Demorrett: Bahr what frameworks or other tools have you worked with ?

Bahr: Tho i prefer to work per project :

Bahr: Cakephp, no framework, and a couple others i “played with” but didn’t really use.

Filipovich: It’s just that I see “Just another WordPress site” on so many home page tabs. It’s not WP, just people being sloppy.

Bahr: WordPress was the first that i actually liked

Clemmey: Filipovich we should do a google search for “Just another WordPress site”

Bahr: Everything outside of WP was really custom w/o framework