Especially this day in the.

Hubka: Mr_Midnight: Query Monitor –

Klawitter: Bowenac: Use the IIS manager for it

Offley: There’s a redirection manager there

Zolla: Thansk for the input all : I’ll check out that plugin

Corfman: Only have one option using HTTP Redirect

Feamster: Yea that seems like the way to go

Dunphy: wordpress-not-adding-files-properly-to-media-library">Http://

Bardeen: Whats the best wordpress hosting platform

Ong: AgentOrange what you mena platform?

Abina: I can host for you if you want

Weinzetl: Uk based server, 99.9% uptime

Ohmer: I knew i would get some **** like that

Baroni: AgentOrange: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Deruiter: AgentOrange: so what you mean?

Tibbetts: Okay. i have a huge project that i was using drupal for but there is a gap in code that im tired of debugging

Oshinsky: Thomedy: why u no go drupal channel?

Langsdale: I am vascillating back and forth and dont want to be over eager to write my own content manageement

Jimmison: Because im not using drupal now

Grattan: Drupal is a waste of time

Lazor: WordPress is better indeed

Peeples: Thomedy: what are you planning on doing/building?

Hokett: And Matt is also a nice guy

Sobol: Can wordpress handle a a group based ecommerce project with the ability to communicate between groups and only in groups

Rinaldi: Thomedy: yes, use git with it

Bembi: Thomedy: group-based ecommerce you mean like Etsy?

Garacci: No not at all actually

Nebergall: So i was writing some music and ineeded a project

Lasiter: Thomedy: so what is a “group based ecommerce”

Eggins: Jiron I used the rewrite option in IIS but for what ever reason it still doesnt work. I think it has to do with the default wp rule

Lengle: An instrument i didn’t have

Mccuaig: These rules add input=”{REQUEST_FILENAME}” matchType=”IsFile” negate=”true” /

Terrace: So i didn’t see much availabe to make it happen easily at that time so i thought i cant be the only one who needs this

Christiana: So im creating a crowdsourcing digital creative process

Fransen: Thomedy: crowd sourcing? You mean person A offers a server person B can buy?

Sarracino: So you go there and upload a project seek collaborators or just upload the final project

Ciucci: Thomedy: what makes it ecommerce?

Mallach: For some odd reason my client keeps having issues with wordpress creating on save draft or publish additional chars to the database. any ideas? I thought I solved it but its now appearing when hyper links are being generated

Strittmatter: Because when the project is done you can sell it or share it freely

Macrina: I can write the project myself but i know the time it goes into it

Moretto: Thomedy: that honestly sounds like a poorly thought out concept

Doxtater: And whne i need to refactor i will just do it

Yamanoha: Well thats fine if you think so but its not

Eichenberg: In fact since i have come up with this i dea i have found others like it

Mistretta: But either way. youre still talking about something like an etsy where users can have their own little stores with their own products they sell

Kuch: Thomedy: sometimes when you find none others like it, its because its not a good idea

Hawn: What is it you’re attempting to create?

Lynd: Especially this day in the world of the net where almost every idea is created and people are just iterating on existing ideas