Emil_: i have a solution.

Froehlich: But next project I will probably display: {flex} all the things.

Yon: And I guess try to switch from LESS to s***

Haslett: I am a bit confused though, if you’re not chris, who are you?

Euresti: Hey folks, I’m trying to migrate a wordpress site from godaddy to AWS. Copied the DB over, if I try and login to /wp-admin it says I don’t have sufficient permissions. The only change I can think of is that the communication between the load balancer and application server is not HTTPS. Any ideas?

Arthun: Johndoe2: Is it notchris or notc hris

Vicic: Ha. food for thought right there.

Vandorien: Better yet, #chris { display: none } so what’s left is you. You’re the echo of if!chris. chris:after { content: “notchris” }. Complex, yet interestingly attractive possibilities of who you might actually not be. For example, you could also not be Tommy.

Prchal: Johndoe2: But names are an invention of human identification

Gustitus: Johndoe2: They exist only within our perception of language

Filipovich: Names have power — that’s the lesson of Rumplestiltskin

Gabrielli: Filipovich: Rumple who?

Vanhampler: Anyone happen to know of a good way to figure out which non-ascii character I’m dealing with?

Hendricks: Maybe I could just x00-x7F for it.

Bahr: Notchris: rumplemints?

Filipovich: Woo Hoo. just set up a theme so it updates from github

Crapse: How to find what css cl***es my theme is creating for post/page id’s? or is that something not done by the theme? Would it be in functions.php or something?

Steppe: I’m using the snap theme

Odome: And setting featured image on posts results in the thumbnails not covering the whole thumbnail but there is a black stripe

Licea: Can’t figure out where to stab the css to user cover for the images

Shroff: Also: what’s the easiest way to delete the footer?

Bahr: Emil_: just use a bigger knife

Bahr: Thomas_d: you mean body cl***es?

Bahr: Thomas_d: cl***es on which element?

Liborio: Bahr: I have tried adding the background: cover everywhere

Harle: But Kahahane seems to affect it

Clickner: Bahr: I want to change some css on an element, but only on one post

Goliday: Http://katkettytaide.fi/

Bahr: I’ve no idea what snap theme is nor can i envision your debacle

Edgett: The same element should stay the same if appearing on other posts

Bahr: Thomas_d: which element?

Bahr: BODY? a main div? a div within a page template?

Bahr: Thomas_d: where is the div generated? which theme file? also do you have a child theme installed?

Bahr: Emil_: so the theme is putting the image as a bakground?

Pofahl: Bu***and: ever get your regex figured out?

Bahr: Emil_: background-size:cover; won’t work for you, because the IMG is actually there, not a background

Ong: Bahr: yes, I know how to add css, and as far as I’m aware there’s usually some css cl*** like “post-id” or “page-id” but iirc it’s theme-dependent?

Stea: Bahr: yeah I seem to have come to the same conclusion 😀

Stieglitz: Bahr: what would you suggest I go at?

Bahr: Emil_: first of all, your thumbnails are set to show

Dobkin: I scanned through some of the theme’s php files and couldn’t find anythnig that jumped out, but then again I’m not an expert

Bahr: Did the theme do that or you?

Bahr: So the theme creates a 236×150 div and puts a 150×150 image in it?

Bahr: Where’s the “demo” for this theme?

Fillinger: Https://snapdemo.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.com/

Ipson: I suppose it’s that one

Reimnitz: Https://snapsdemo.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.com/

Bahr: Emil_: i have a solution but it’s kind of hacky– and a CSS-only solution. To do the TRUE, proper fix, you’d need to either a change a theme setting to somehow show a different size besides the thumbnail probably a setting or b use your child theme did you make a child theme before setting up your theme? to modify it yourself