ElectriX: so my problem now.

Bahr: Hey i’m just preaching what was preached to me!

Bahr: I used pastebin forever

Bahr: And i’ll simma down but def won’t settle down. nope.

Filipovich: Act as you think is proper. rather that what you might see here. Things can go off track sometimes

Shelburne: To you people who were talking about rm -rf, giving that command to a newbie is the action of a complete bastard! It should NEVER be used as a joke and personally if I were ever face to face with someone who did that I would slap the **** out of them!

Filipovich: I like wpbin.io, because it finds all wp code and puts codex links on the page.

Bahr: Huh? all i did was say don’t use pastebin lol.

Bahr: Didn’t know i awas offensive

Bahr: I was getting testy with the rm -rf 777 jokes

Maddry: Pac: Check user:group and file permissions

Bahr: Filipovich: i need to try wpbin.io :

Saric: Pac: also check config.php

Teasley: Wp_capabilities should be a:1:{s:13:”administrator”;s:1:”1″;}

Sarwary: Wp_user_level should be 10

Weck: Winland: well the application server is in a docker image, so all the permissions are known to be good in that regard.

Jacobi: ElectriX: what do I look for in config.php?

Maril: ElectriX: as for wp_capabilities, also known good because I imported the db from godaddy, which works.

Gantt: Does the site or /wp-admin/ even load?

Maciarello: ElectriX: yes the site loads fine, /wp-admin/ loads too.

Engblom: Still have to figure out the best way to fix that god damn black stripe error

Bahr: Pac: when you say you dont have sufficient permissions, are you getting a WP error or an apache error?

Bahr: Emil_: your theme probably allwos it. you just prob have you settings wrong

Aiona: Bahr: wordpress, the error reads “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” after logging in at /wp-admin/

Bahr: The demo shows it fine, and a diff dimension

Bahr: Pac: OK. JUST checking

Agni: Bahr: yeah, I mean, it probably should but god damn I haven’t edited it accidentally 😀

Bahr: Emil_: i think it DOES. your theme demo is showing different results than yours

Lawery: So Kahahane database-wise was moved at all?

Garceau: Did you change URLs or anything like that when you moved ?

Walterscheid: Bahr: I’m hosting it on digital ocean with their prebuilt wordpress settings

Borda: wordpress-admin-issue">Https://coderwall.com/p/6n2e1w/how-i-fixed-my-you-do-not-have-sufficient-permissions-to-access-this-page-wordpress-admin-issue

Pagliarini: So I just looked for a cool theme and changed it to that one

Schoon: Pac: posted 9 hours ago

Steinkraus: ElectriX: I’m in :o, I changed siteurl in options from https to http.

Bahr: Emil_: i use DO but never tried the wp prebuilt settings

Shelburne: Hey umm, are there many popular themes that don’t have much in the way of theme options or does anything that sells need to have a moderate amount of options?

Bahr: Emil_: not sure how that is causing your issues though

Bahr: Shelburne: the more options the better for the purchasing user, but obviously needs to be simplified if possible

Bahr: Many folks throw together an admin page for their theme that is just awful

Freniere: Bahr: just thought about mentioning it 😀

Bahr: Sometimes it’s all fancy and the Js breaks and you can’t even edit it via the UI, need to go through DB heh

Swierczek: Never know what is relevant

Gotay: Has anyone hosted with WP Engine before?

Rodela: ElectriX: so my problem now is that if siteurl is http, I can access everything fine but not over https and if siteurl is https, I get insufficient permissions.