ElectriX: might not even.

Savaria: Bu***and: please use the medically correct term, “vomit”

Savaria: Wasn’t barf on space*****?

Carmon: Opsec the medical term is emesis.

Gulden: StrixUK1: I just got back from lunch and fixed my 404/.htaccess permalink problem. Apache Directive All Override None was the problem :

Goheen: Opsec: i’m half man, half dog. i’m my own best friend

Sumas: Malbaurn I would switch to cl***ic editor, search for the code, swap the order and publish it.

Gaschke: English speakers seem to be very very fond of cookie tossing.

Bertini: Prey to the porclain gods

Spiegle: Haha that’s a good one

Benway: Drive the porcelain bus

Graber: Pain the town rainbow

Hornback: Acid chowder is a cool one too.

Tiemeyer: That just made me gag a bit

Cherny: Thats another good one

Feathers: Barking at the ants this one sounds like a mental disorder

Davoren: I think i’m done now. haha i got no more

Muckleroy: Prey to the porcelain gods is probably the most used ones

Paparello: In my life anyways lol

Agrela: Shoot two birds in one hurl.

Koellner: Only if you’re good though

Ochoa: Bu***and so. about that pre_get_posts, I updated the theme, reinstalled 4.1.3, and there should be no incompatibilities according to theme dev. Somehow there’s hidden posts I can look up in the database, but cannot see in the admin. Not a big deal, because they’re spammy things that hackers put in, but I guess I’m trying to figure out how they hide posts.

Funn: When getting the_excerpt how do i just show the excerpt without the p tags?

Gushard: Johndoe2: pre_get_posts alters the loop. if you dont add if !is_admin it is going to add it to the admin loop as well

Decost: Johndoe2: do a search for pre_get_posts in your theme’s functions.php

Mollicone: Johndoe2: also you can test by just switching themes from current theme to 2015 theme temporarily and see if it fixes it

Eiseman: Yup, I did that and there’s a search results per page modification, and a few filters to only list custom post_types. So maybe they made up a non-existing posty_type that doesn’t make it in my view. Ok I’ll swap to the 2015 and check it.

Savaria: Dopie: disable wpautop on the_excerpt

Funn: Opsec, nah its get_the_excerpt :

Mabbott: Johndoe2: if every single one of those does not have !is_admin then you should add it

Rois: I did, none of them had it.

Savaria: Dopie: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wpautop

Savaria: Remove_filter ‘the_excerpt’, ‘wpautop’ ;

Baridon: Twenty fifteen does’t show those posts either.

Burdis: Speaking of 2015, I wonder how horrible this year’s 2016 theme is going to be

Drop: Johndoe2: next step disable all plugins and check again

Freil: Yup, still not showing. very interesting.

Cose: Johndoe2: umm. all plugins disabled AND the theme is 2015?

Leisher: You SURE you have all plugins disabled?

Teramoto: I’m just going to mkdir ~/plugin.jail && mv * ~/plugin.jail just to be sure.

Mckeone: Johndoe2: usually just nrename plugin dir to plugin.bak

Breazeal: Ha! that was it. most likely an infected file in one of the plugin.

Overlie: Johndoe2: enable one plugin at a time and see when it starts

Ailshire: Johndoe2: then you can search the plugin for pre_get_posts becuse i still believe that is what is causing it

Piluso: Also might wanna run this in your root WP directory to check and see if anything has been injected into your files

Caldarera: Find . -name “*.php” -type f -exec sed -i ‘s/ evalbase64_decode*;//g’ {} ;

Minish: ElectriX: might not even be an infecrted file but just a bad plugin.