Eitehr way you get.

Wethern: Basically that creates /app/some-var/another-var/ with some-var being required and another-var being optional

Wethern: Add_rewrite_tag allows you to create the custom query var to flag when inside template_include

Levi: Wethern: perfect! THANKS! I’m going to read through this

Wethern: So basically $foo_action is the action , and $foo_action_sub is sub action “another-var”

Wethern: Wethern, np. again i could have cleaned it up to help you out bc i have a lot of conditionals

Pulos: Wethern: yea I am only going to basically have one action the user ID

Wethern: Man if you get that down. you’re going to droll everywhere

Guyette: Nah this is fine. I can work through it

Wethern: Once i got it down i’m template_including so much haha

Buel: Hahaha I love that about WP

Wethern: You can even override another page template if someoen selects it haha

Mormann: So many nooks and crannies

Wethern: Let me know if u have issues bc that was for a way custom deal

Wethern: I use that to power the backend of an “app”

Emler: Wethern: for the record. this is the first time in a LONG LONG LONG time i’ve had a question here actually be able to be answered by someone

Wethern: I’m also Degroff, so let me know if you see me typing as kegster

Younce: Wethern: ok I def. will.

Wethern: LindsayM_, well i’ll take it!

Wethern: We’vechatted many times before lol

Nordeen: Sterndata: i’ll not hold my breath ;

Quertermous: Wethern: I’m basically making a “mini” social network here and we need user profiles to go with our photo tagging plugin I just finished off

Wethern: LindsayM_, and for the record. it’s not the first or 5th time i said template_redirect instead of template_include

Ambriz: Wethern: yep. I recognize the name

Wethern: Neeku had to d/c to eat her junk food

Wethern: Didn’t want us to hear the smacking

Legleu: Wethern: apparently LOL

Marlar: Wethern: so any links you build to go to your “fake page” link to index.php?yourqueryvarshere

Wethern: Yeah. i had another rewrite rule that handled /app/ by itself, btw

Wethern: I should have left that in there

Wethern: So /app/client/add/ had action client subaction “add”

Hardney: I hate building rewrite rules

Wethern: LindsayM_, here’s the one liner condensed to 1 line for pasting here: add_rewrite_rule’app$’, ‘index.php?foo_catch_query=1&foo_action=0&foo_action_sub=0’, ‘top’;

Wethern: So i set action and subactin to 0 if /app/ is by itself

Wethern: TRSUT ME use multipel rewrites if u need

Wethern: It took me forever to figure out how to get /app/ to work with /app/var/var2/

Madray: Wethern: https://core.trac.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/changeset/2

Wethern: But it was EASY EASY by jsut adding a new rewrite rule heh

Wethern: Bc you set the vars in the index.php string

Wethern: LindsayM_, http://pastebin.com/USu4SMsg

Vichi: I THINK I should only need one because /user/ won’t have anything maybe just redirect to the login if you’re logged in and /user/user-nicename will be the actual page with the variable

Wethern: LindsayM_, http://pastebin.com/AN2aFYE8

Wethern: Yeah i doubt you’ll need it, but that way you can see what i did to accomodate a more complex structure

Wethern: And maybe some regex expert can condense both into 1– idk. regex is my achilles

Wethern: LindsayM_, lol go ahead and ditch the last 2 pastes i gave you lol. somehow some of the “foo” got replaced with “mb” on accident

Bogosh: Regex “experts” are crazy people.

Wethern: Eitehr way you get it