Dury: if this is your.

Dunnaway: Jeng, wp-config.php is dead. rm it and start again

Dunnaway: If I got access to write viagra ads to the site.I sure as hell read wp-config.php and any other ****s lying around :

Jeng: 4 download all plugins from wordpress.org, 5 delete all files in wp-content/plugins, 6 upload the clean plugin files

Jeng: 7 download twentyfifteen from wordpress.org, 8 download your active theme to keep it safe, 9 delete all files in wp-content/themes, 10 upload twentyfifteen to wp-content/themes.

Jeng: Mateusz: should I continue?

Dunnaway: The db user is gone too.you need to change the username because its now known and the p***word now.

Jeng: Mateusz: it goes on for a whiel

Jeng: Dcr: getting to that!

Delahoya: Jeng: please continue

Dunnaway: Look through your webroot for ****s. These are files you leave lying around for someone to download, or for safe storage. This is *exactly* where someone will go when trying to own the farm. If you’ve left stuff lying around with important information in it.its now burned

Medez: Jeng: I did by google translate “Could not wp-content / uploads / 2015/09 to create the directory. Is its parent directory writable by the server?”

Jeng: OK. let’s see. 11 delete all files in your do***ent root, 12 delete the directories wp-admin and wp-includes, 13 upload a clean copy of wordpress

Jeng: Mateusz: 14 from your control panel, create a new mysql user and give that user with a strong p***word access to your database, 15 remove the old user’s database access.

Jeng: Mateusz: 16 create a new wp-config.php from wp-confige-sample.php using the new DB user id and p***word

Dunnaway: Dury, the web process cannot write to wp-content/ and below. Usually a permissions/ownership issue. Mostly ownership

Dunnaway: Depending on your server setup, there are different “solutions” really

Jeng: Mateusz: 17 restart httpd and see if you still see the viagra crap. If so, then your database itself is infected and you’ll have to start walking through posts and options to see if you can find and clean it.

Medez: Dcr: so chmod 777 that folder then?

Jeng: Mateusz: at this point, you’re on a default WP theme. Look at your original theme as you downloaded it for garbage PHP, unexpected files, etc. You’ll have to look at every single file.

Jeng: Mateusz: install WordFence on your site and run a full scan.

Dunnaway: Why is it, when I give a cogent explanation of whats going on.the knee-jerk response is to 777 everything? :

Jeng: If the theme is clean or you cleaned it upload and make it the active theme

Jeng: Mateusz: and you’re maybe done.

Jeng: Dury: how are you hosting? VPS or shared?

Medez: Jeng: it’s a hosting that I have installed in a old laptop

Jeng: Mateusz: I probably left out some steps, so make a FULL AND COMPLETE backup before starting

Sokol: Jeng: dcr thanks guys!

Jeng: Dury: df -h are any file systems full?

Guittennez: Very big thanks, I will do backup, and hopefuly won’t see any viagra ad for next 30 years

Jeng: That’s a yes or no question

Medez: Jeng: I don’t know exactly though

Jeng: Any file systems over 90% full?

Jeng: If you have file system room, then look at the permission and ownership on /path/to/wp-content/uploads, then wp-content/uploads/2015/, then wp-content/uploads/2015/09 Are they consistent?

Medrano: Hi, I am a low to medium wordpress user, I am having issues with redirect loop issue. I already tried everything I found on Google: disable plugins, check site_url and home, and some other stuff i found on Google, can someone give me some new ideas?

Jeng: Dury: and compare permissions and ownership to /path/to/wp-content/plugins

Medez: Jeng: I have checked by ftp if there are those folders in wp-content I mean uploads/2015/09 and there are not

Jeng: Dury: if this is your laptop, just open a terminal and look