DrDigital: and if you’re.

Nordeen: Rontill: wphierarchy.com

Wier: Rontill: you can MANAGE a basic website in a month. if you want to get in to customizing aspect fo a theme or addung functionality you can not do that in a month

Demiel: Ill see about that wooslider-posts

Garrahan: Rontill: if you don’t want to be a developer, that’s fine. But if you buy a theme, buy support because we don’t generally support paid themes here

Mogg: DrDigital: I think it’s a 503 error, but I”m not sure.

Pullara: DrDigital: is the site working or b roken?

Nordeen: If you buy any theme, support and updates is what you bought in reality.

Seidner: Rontill: and yes. what sterndata said. buy support for a theme if you want to buy a theme and need help customizing it

Schnure: Opsec: true. if you buy a theme you get support. I suggest paying for the “instant support” if thats an option. or “premium support”

Nordeen: Plugins are the only thing worth buying in my opinion, they provide real value, i’ve not seen a pay theme that provides any form of value.

Courier: Rontill: usually theme devs will have support built in to the cost but the support is forum or comment thread based

Fullerton: Sterndata i was told they updated some plugins then the site went white page

Desmeules: Yeah this one has no forum.

Nordeen: Rontill: what is the theme?

Jeska: DrDigital: you might try uploading flexslider via ftp as that’s where things seem to go south

Forker: Perhaps the update failed mid-stream

Tutela: Rontill: it says when you buy support you have access to a ticket system. thats basically the same idea

Nordeen: Rontill: wow. just. wow.

Davey: This is the first time i ever really touched a wordpress site

Simkulet: DrDigital: from here, I think. http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/

Cruson: DrDigital: well, that’s going to be fun.

Nordeen: Rontill: that theme site i’d avoid like a plague.

Succar: Me, I’m off to find a bahn mi.

Nordeen: Rontill: my spidey senses are off the chart on that one.

Toniatti: DrDigital sterndata dont know what you’re tlaking about, but I 100% back flexslider as a solid slider

Hargens: Although I dont use their WP plugin, I just use the base js one

Gao: How do you install it with ftp?

Seleg: LindsayM_: look at http://northwoodsbluesfestival.com/wp-admin/ and search for the first occurrence of “error”

Hoag: Sterndata: huh? What am I looking at?

Baetz: DrDigital’s wp_debug output

Fierro: WSOD after client “updated some plugins”

Malen: Sterndata DrDigital thats just an error because WP updated the widget constructor If you turned off debugging that would probably go away and everything would still work file

Brunot: DrDigital: have you updated all your plugins?

Sasseen: LindsayM_ i have a website that was all white, i turned on debug, and thats what i see

Blomgren: DrDigital: have you updated your plugins at all?

Simpton: Not my site, and they was updating plugins

Chevrette: DrDigital: there was an update to the WP widget cl*** that requires you use __construct instead of the old widget construct method

Lillick: And have latest wordpress version

Perdzock: DrDigital: are the plugins all up to date?

Quereto: DrDigital: i am asking a VERY simple yes/no question

Orduno: No clue, like i said not my site and i cant get anything to load

Mckellop: DrDigital: turn off WP debug and see if the errors go away and if you can log in to admin

Unland: Like i sterndata said, they said they was updating plugins when the site went white

Delucca: DrDigital: and if you’re working on fixing it, for the time being, and for all intents and purposes, its your site