Does this make sense?.

Jeng: Hukle: why can’t you?

Lunsford: My PHP knowledge is ok, but my ‘core-wp’ knowledge isn’t yet good enough. It’s a bit a ‘gray’ zone to find out where to start.

Fan: Contributing is more than just code though =

Gate: Hukle: To get started contributing to WordPress, have a look at the Make Blogs over at

Jeng: Hukle:

Lunsford: Sweet, lets find now a point where I would like to start.

Lunsford: Maybe I could start reading the main wordpress release code

Wendorf: I deactivated a plugin in functions.php in my theme by putting “deactivate_plugins ‘././plugins/wp-slimstat/wp-slimstat.php’ ;” at the beginning

Schetrompf: But now the site is just returning a blank page

Jeng: Oats_: really? remove that line.

Guittennez: Jeng: The plugin is causing the website to crash, I need it off

Jeng: You did this via APPEARANCE – EDIT? Now you know why that’s a bad idea. Do you have FTP access to the site?

Jeng: If you need to kill a plugin, rename the directory in wp-content/plugins

Adkison: Jeng: What? I did it in the themes folder

Jeng: You said the issue was with a plugin, right?

Jeng: Mv badplugin badplugin.disabed

Picotte: Why doesn’t putting “deactivate_plugins ‘././plugins/wp-slimstat/wp-slimstat.php’ ;” at the beginning of functions.php work?

Rabren: An SE answer said that was how to disable a plugin?

Jeng: If the plugin is causing your site to crash, you maynever get to that line.

Whitecloud: It’s the first line :p

Jeng: And SE answer? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Abraham Lincoln said that.

Jeng: Fine. but did it work for you? No.

Gagon: I don’t get how this can happen. even with just apache+php, without any extra modules, the admin still looks broken

Bapties: I’m going to install a fresh wordpress from scratch on a separate subdomain, just as a test

Jeng: Oats_: enable wp_debug and debug logging and then rename the plugin folder back

Jeng: You’ll have to reactivate it from the dashbaord

Abkemeier: Jeng: I still can’t access WP

Newall: Oats_:

Wamack: It’s now a hanging white screen

Burnias: Rather than a white screen loaded

Jeng: Oats_: enable wp_debug and debug logging

Vogeler: Rename the plugin dir to something else

Jeng: Then look in wp-content/debug.log to see what’s up

Jeng: Oats_: yes, per the codex link

Jeng: Oats_: did you also remove that line from functions.php?

Jeng: OK, so let’s see what tail -f debug.log has to say

Snetsinger: I also made a test file to verify it wasn’t my whole server messing up

Maenhout: Where is debug.log located?

Mcchristian: Ok I loaded the site, plugin off, it’s still loading, loading blank

Tierno: No debug message in wp-content

Gardener: I’ll turn the plugin backon

Lokan: Carl weathers is. action jackson!

Monclova: Wtf kind of quit message is that?

Evanchyk: You mean action bronson?

Jeng: Https://

Jeng: Oats_: let’s review. The site was working, then you . what?

Lokan: Http://

Hudnall: Does this make sense? Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead. in /public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3570