Do you have a.

Turk: Filipovich: If I login as admin I can access to correctly

Minish: Filipovich: But another people can not access

Ramerez: Filipovich: it is interesting

Filipovich: Are the posts public? how many are they?

Preuss: Filipovich: but I can not access directly when login as admin. I open the link and click to “Customize” button

Gosset: Filipovich: so I can see it

Klinker: Temhaa: off How will I do :


Filipovich: Do you have access to its configuraton?

Yellen: Filipovich: is it web server problem?

Lauro: Temhaa: I dont know a lot because of I am new in this site

Beelby: Ok jstransky . nevermind then

Filipovich: In the virtual host section for the site, there’s a section like Directory /var/www/mysite or something like that. In that section, add “AllowOverride All”. Save the file and restart http

Porto: Putting my head down. feeling sick again

Filipovich: Bu***and: I’m going to make a Manhattan soon. Can I upload one for you?

Weissinger: Alcohol is probably a bad iea at this juncture

Crumrine: Filipovich: yea i am sick

Filipovich: Sorry! hope you feel better soon. take it easy.

Serna: Filipovich: I’ll take that manhattan

Filipovich: Current recipe is 3 parts Old Overholt, 1 part Vya sweet vermouth, 4 dashs Regan’s orange bitters.

Emmons: Does anyone understand orderby = menu_order

Luquin: For a custom post type

Funn: How would I get a caption of a media library item?

Filipovich: Dopie:

Funn: I use wp_get_attachment_image$image_url, false ?

Filipovich: It’s part of the attachment object

Filipovich: The post excerpt, in fact

Filipovich: Dopie: did you bother to google that question? wordpress">

Funn: Filipovich, yes I did

Funn: I came up with the something you did

Funn: Https://

Funn: I get Trying to get property of non-object

Filipovich: What are you actually trying to do?

Funn: Trying to display the image caption from the media library

Filipovich: Are you using a slider plugin?

Filipovich: So what’s this “nivoslider” stuff in your paste?

Funn: They have a wordpress version but i don’t want to use it

Filipovich: Now,again, in english, what’s happening or supposed to happen in your code?

Funn: I want the caption of the image to be a link to another page . or site or whatever, so i set the caption of the image to a url and thats it

Filipovich: No. what is it you’re doing ?

Funn: I’m querying $rotator to see if a post has the tag main_rotating and if it does get the metabox ***ociated with the post, get the media set the media image ID number to $image_url

Filipovich: So here’s what I think you’re saying: I’ve added a metabox to p;osts, in which the user can put an image. If that post is tagged “main_rotating”, I want to get that image from the library and echo its URL. If that image also has a caption, I want to get that and echo it, too.

Filipovich: If you cant clearly say what you’re doing, you can’t code it.

Filipovich: Back in a few. need a break

Filipovich: What’s stored in that metabaox? Is it a post i.e., an image in the library?

Filipovich: I think this is what you need to code

Filipovich: Do you have a question