Do i need to do this: If.

Nordeen: Maybe getting fancy with wp_update_user

Nordeen: But i’d wonder why you’d want to do that

Ortega: Thanks, I have a crappy project on wordpress

Capener: Do you have the link to where someone sent me for the CDN deal?

Meza: Sterndata: woocommerce templates has div cl***=”clear”/div in some templates. why do I need it?

Ortega: I solve it using a custom query

Weckman: Hi could someone help me use interconnectit

Bushner: I am not sure what I am replacing

Loyer: Moved server and domain

Nordeen: Replace: old domain – new domain

Connelley: I did that and the site is the same

Gipple: Http://

Scarbrough: Thetennis: replace with

Hollenshead: If you’re using searchreplacedb2.php, replace with

Colier: That”s all you need to do

Schirmer: Oh, now you show up with a ‘heh’

Negus: And live run makes the changes right? stupid question i know

Ahern: Did you follow the guide at.

Ijams: Thetennis:

Schaich: I the guide i can’t do 4.

Mchughes: Because the domain is expired

Pedro: Is there a work around

Maciejko: Log in to the site you want to move and go to Settings General, then change the URLs. ie from to – save the settings and expect to see a 404 page.

Fucci: Did you restore the site to the new domain?

Shirk: And have changed domain with interconnect

Gandrud: Then you should be OK

Strohmayer: It 404s on

Baio: Do you have the old domain anyplace in wp-config.php?

Bonaparte: And doesn’t load the content like it should

Gwillim: Edwin in there about the old domain

Timko: Two things: 1 what’s the new hosting environment?

Goudge: Shared hosting or VPS?

Sanberg: Sterndata: is there a big difference between the 2 types of environments ?

Hillsgrove: Nesoi: not now, please

Peguese: Shared hosting or VPS?

Cordts: Nesoi: the difference is in whether httpd is properly configured

Berkery: Share hosting: siteground

Staffieri: Walk me through the steps you used to move the site

Vaudrain: It’s like asking if apartments are different from landed properties :

Surdam: There are so many differences ;/

Vidaca: And depending on your usage, you can enjoy yourself at both types of housing

Doyan: More like asking if apartments are different from condos :

Doughtie: Thetennis: really, it’s late here and if you can’t hold up your end of the conversation, I could go back to watching a Tom Baker Dr. Who.

Nordeen: One you own and can do anything with, the other is someone else’s and you can’t do much of anything outside the guidelines

Grate: Exported database, copied wordpress folder from old host to hdd. moved wordpress via ftp to new host. imported database on new host. used interconnect to change domain name.

Bonney: My point was just that VPS is more like a condo since it’s shared, as opposed to owning your own machine

Machowski: I haven’t watched the latest episode of Doctor Who

Bedonie: Thetennis: that should be exactly correct!

Jurgens: But I see your point too

Marshburn: Fujihara: OK, no spoilers.

Kauahi: Sterndata: spoilier: dr. who can time travel

Bubier: Do i need to do this: If you forget to change the WordPress Address and Blog Address, you will be unable to change it using the wordpress interface. However, you can fix it if you have access to the database. Go to the database of your site and find the wp_options table. This table stores all the options that you can set in the interface. The WordP