Daslicht: you tried other.

Szermer: There is a workflow for subscribing and unsubscribing, with emails

Stonum: Ok, and I don’t need to use mailchimp side of things?

Szermer: You can, but then you might want a subscribe plugin specifically for mailchimp

Stonum: Hmm ok, will have a look

Szermer: The newsletter plugin is all internal, no outside service required

Inserra: Anyone use chomephp to debug things ?

Maderas: When I ytry to debug a filter functioin I get

Palmer: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent

Szermer: Daslicht: you are probably doing an echo or var_dump before the headers were sent by WP

Alsman: How to debug wordpress stuff in teh browser?

Gillock: Print_r did not really do it

Eshlerman: Espesically when debugging things in admin area with filter etc

Bassford: Did you define’WP_DEBUG’, true; in your wp-config.php?

Blaxland: Looks like chomephp wont work in wp filter functions

Grieff: Hmmm. the appearance section on my wordpress sidemenu disappeared. anybody know why that mgiht have happeend/

Houben: You might have missing permissions, erusko

Bailor: Like an editor shouldn’t mangle with appearance settings nor plugin installation

Glovier: Yeah, haha good catch. logged in the wrong user

Mccorey: Thanks : it’s getting late here

Tippett: I’m using twentyfifteen theme, and I’m trying to make my frontpage the most recent post. It should look exactly like the ‘post’ page, with a working comment section

Bastien: I can’t get this to work

Gasperini: Gewoonm – normally that’s a default option to make your front page your latest post page. have you tried looking at the error log to see if anything is messing up your theme performance?

Malanga: Greenerr: where should that option be?

Manus: Because in twentyfifteen customizing, I see only a ‘show latest posts’ not a single post

Kopfer: Greenerr: I’ve looked around more, but still can’t find it

Seifried: Gewoonm: You cna’t do it wit ha single post, you can do it with a single page though, alternatively you’ll need to see if there’s a plugin that does it or make a child theme and write the functionality in your self

Eschmann: I’ve tried making a child-theme and it’s practically working

Romanov: The only thin not working is the comment section

Gogan: Greenerr: it doesn’t matter if I put ‘comments_template’ or even ‘includecomments.php’ in the loop, I still get the comments section only for the page not for the post

Munster: Hey . wordpress still doesnt find the plugins on the system.

Kimbley: Workerbeetwo: and you don’t listen

Miers: Ollivierre, greenerr: thanks for the help. I didn’t get it to work though

Bartolone: For now I’ll just have the post on the front page and people will have to click ‘through’ to get to the comment section

Zechiel: A bit strange, but well.

Burtt: Enabling php output bufferiung lets you use chomephp EVERYWHERE

Anastas: Hi. Trying to find a plugin that might be able to achieve something simllar to the tool found on this page – http://www.sussexstone.co.uk/quote.php

Noy: Anyone know if there is a plugin that could achieve that?

Yori: Hey i have a wordpress 2.x install i’m trying to migrate anybody known where the uploads are located as they seem to not be in uploads under wp-content

Geil: Deathzor they should be unless the user specified a different dir

Wada: Fris: funny thing is it a single pdf that’s there when i access it from apache but not there when i’m using ssh no .htaccess anywhere its really kinda WTFish

Borde: Deathzor: no htacess? Weird.

Kosters: Anyone else getting display error under osx when using chome ?

Skemp: Http://i.imgur.com/99YFscq.png

Madamba: Daslicht: you tried other browsers?