Damn I’m in love with this.

Sachez: Mcquiller: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/convert.php

Cimorelli: Poiz: I dont want a solid color

Mustin: Imma ask again, sorry to flood: Anyonw know where the “?ver=x.t.z” URL query string gets appended to the style.css of a child theme URL?

Brazel: Nootrope_: in the enqueue_styles code in the functions of the theme

Sachez: Y2j: again, this is a pproblem for #CSS. You are not having a WordPress problem.

Festini: Nootrope_: its used specifically for breaking the caching of the stylesheet for when you update the stylesheet

Schuld: I posted on #css its dead

Gniewek: Incompetenttttt: good

Apilado: The example in the woo doc used My Field in the update_post_meta so I didn’t realize I was specifying a meta key

Vansice: Y2j: just because another oom is dead does not mean we have to support your topic

Burggraf: Guimares: Thanks, “of the theme”, you mean the parent?

Fassett: Guimares: my apologies not wanting to offend

Kean: Nootrope_: what ever theme is calling the particular stylesheet you’re looking at

Poynton: Nootrope_: could be either

Mcpherson: Y2j: not offended. just sending the message out

Cinelli: Guimares: Aha, thanks. In my case it’s messing me up by showing an old version of the page.

Baumli: Guimares: is there anyother rooms apart from #css that may help

Birt: Nootrope_: that should havenothing to do with the version on the stylesheet

Asnicar: Hi anyone worked with sage?

Rohleder: Nootrope_: you have other issues it sounds

Cipolloni: Guimares: If I manually change the ver= value, it loads the latest.

Contois: Y2j: not off the top of my head

Curney: Guimares: I definitely have other issues, too! ;P

Fluegel: I’ve added extra repos to my project, but its seems that json cl*** is not picking loading those up.

Holquin: Nootrope_: thats because the original version is cached. the purpose is to change the version number when you update the stylesheet.

Katzer: Nootrope_: thats how it’s SUPPOSED to work

Shanaa: Nootrope_: you change the version number when you want to break the cache and load a new version your changed version

Bernheim: Nootrope_: so yes. you SHOULD change that version number and keep it changed until the next time you make a change and then you update the number again and again and again

Sachez: Hey you folks into the REST API: wordpress-rest-api-is-one-major-step-closer-to-being-merged-into-core">http://wptavern.com/the-wordpress-rest-api-is-one-major-step-closer-to-being-merged-into-core

Gillooly: Nootrope_: it sounds like its working exactly as designed

Fraise: Guimares: Hmmm. So, in my child theme’s style.css I can do something to version it on the URL?

Pitcher: Nootrope_: yea just do it the same way the parent did. Copy their code if you want

Buttino: I’ll check that function out, thanks!

Manasares: Incompetenttttt: wanna thank you too for weighing in! :

Ilarraza: What are the best sources to keep up with the latest front-end dev trends?

Connally: DesignDoll: not a question for this room.

Basinger: DesignDoll: ask in #design maybe

Thyng: DesignDoll: or maybe #CSS

Tschoepe: Well and https://make.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/ for wp ui/design/core

Ospital: Poiz: thats entirely different than front end design trends!

Tschoepe: I guess but he joined this channel and asked for front-end dev so idk

Tschoepe: There are various blogs and things for wordpress themes

Aarestad: Poiz: yea no. not really related at all.

Tschoepe: Guimares shouldve gone there more often, i figured it might help with finding new functions and stuff like rest api or theme discussion

Johar: Damn I’m in love with this tang 😀 https://github.com/roots/sage