Creason, thanks anyway.

Choma: Hi, I’d like to allow all users to edit CSS, How can I do this ?

Mellekas: Sheldor_the_conq, really ?

Pensky: Hi, how to sort this problem TinyMCE removing span from withing h1?

Lautieri: Ruffer: An only for author : ?

Desorbo: Ruffer: I tried this but nothing

Rossie: Hope in some help for the misery i am in

Castille: For the second time, my WP installation have bad php code injected

Astrella: That seems to open smtp ports

Scheiber: First time i spet several nights, and removed all infected files

Wass: Angelo_ts: , and stop trying to patch up your hacked site. Reinstall or restore your backups. And read

Hayek: After months i installed a new plugin, and updated some other, and the malicious php is back

Aguada: I read those ariclem, but honestly, if i can’t find an easy solution no reinstall, i move to joomla

Blacher: Reinstalling all is not a solution, is the unexpert solution

Kalinger: 2 times hacked in few months with WP. Really causing me big issues.

Kassim: It’s what you used and your web server

Lal: I think WP start to get “too famous”

Poulin: If you move to Joomla, you’ll probably get hacked again too

Alano: WordPress itself is secure, if you use insecure themes or plugins randomly downloaded from the internet, no one can save you

Dewit: Mm ok. on joomla for several years i never had a problem, but as you say, i can have issues

Madariaga: Nvever installed a randomly download plujgin. Only from WP control panel.

Beyt: Let me give you an ****ogy. I lived in a small house for many years. there were no issues, just 4 walls and a metal door. I decided I should move into a bigger house, with gl*** doors and everything. One day a bulgar breaks in through the gl*** door

Barkett: But using a custom theme started from a skeletol, that likely should be ok

Boozer: Is it the fault of the bigger house?

Lattus: Yes, why didn’t the bigger house have break resistant windows?

Mcdannell: I’ll show my self out now xD

Groeber: Is there some “grep” i can do on the tree just to erase infected files ?

Hereford: Really, reinstalling backup etc etc is a problem actually

Bahls: If you can’t restore a backup

Zearfoss: Then something is really wrong

Radell: Yes i have a backup, not that recent btw

Lakowski: Still wondering wny, using only verified things, WP get hacked

Loreaux: Is it possible to add icons in a submenu? How?

Mitani: Http://

Terrian: Angelo_ts: Even plugins form might have unexpected ramifications, or a previous attempt left a backdoor, another user on the system was compromised and the system was poorly set up

Appleton: Angelo_ts: Or you could have a very poor host, someone in your server got hacked and it got the rest of you too

Sciacca: Well found a nice plugin folder: wp-super-cacheud.php :

Scalise: Inside the binary injection

Helaire: wordpress-sites-may-be-affected-by-a-flaw-in-wp-super-cache-plugin.html">Http://

Varn: Ok. i try to install a fresh wp

Asevedo: I’ve installed locally a wordpress website

Terrones: For some reason it cannot connect to the database, even though the database is available through command line

Kiles: If localhost doesn’t work, try

Morthland: Uh, i turned on the debug and now noticed that the php interface for mysql was missing.

Arb: Creason, thanks anyway!