Could take “2 days or 2.

Bedlion: Any theme that costs money is a waste for anyone with programming skills, there’s literally 1000’s of free one

Bedlion: Any purchased theme simply *will* have options/extra code you don’t want or need

Velazguez: Opsec, right. agreed with the last line

Pointdexter: We want an idea on hours that will be taken to make it wp b we REALLY wonder why isnt it wp already ? despite themeforest says that. Are we mistaking?

Bedlion: Yes, that is a wordpress theme

Bedlion: It can be installed and activated within a few seconds.

Renwick: Opsec, am. how can I know? I mean, how can you say that? it has no wp loops etc

Bedlion: If this is what you’re referring to: wordpress-theme/7814258">

Nordquist: Yes. this is what I am referring to

Bedlion: It’s a wordpress theme, we went over the fact that literally anyone can make a theme any way they choose

Bedlion: So the fact it has “no loops” as you say, it’s not required to, however they are probably implemented in a way you don’t understand

Nayar: Opsec, how do you declare “a wordpress theme” and a ” non wordpress theme”? whats the difference

Bedlion: Voyage: go install and activate it

Heitger: Opsec, it has no php/loops

Bedlion: If it’s a wordress theme, it can be placed in /wp-content/themes and activated within the wp-admin

Bedlion: If it is not recognized there it’s not a wordpress theme

Clymer: Thanks opsec – understood what you meant and did change it through cPanel – it works

Tryner: Yo ! I’m turning a html file into a template, and when I customize the menu args wp_nav_menu , I set the menu_cl*** attribute but it is not displayed in the ul element. Any clue of why ?

Alex: Others attributes such as container_cl*** works fine

Bedlion: The fact it’s sold on themeforest tells us much, 1. they support it, not us. 2. you wasted some cash if you’re a programmer. 3. it says wordpress right in the link, so they’re telling you right there it’s for wordpress

Waldorf: Well items_wrap doesnt work neither, I just tried to hard set the cl*** to see, but the default items_wrap is displayed

Lamoree: Opsec, oh wait. my mistake. This is the correct link and it does not says that this is a wordpress template. Its an html template. the earlier link was a different one.

Bedlion: Voyage: one is a flat html template, the other is the wordpress theme version.

Bedlion: Same thing, 2 flavors.

Bedlion: If you want to use it with wordpress, you want the first link, not the one you just pasted.

Bedlion: Voyage: these questions are better directed at envato support, not here though.

Jehlicka: Hi, why do i get “End of script output before headers: admin.php, referer: wordpress&step=1&_wpnonce=f1068af344″">″ with the wordpress impoter plugin?

Tharaldson: Opsec, ok, just for an idea, how many hours would be invested for an average programmer to convert the simple html home page into wp complient theme?

Bedlion: Voyage: you’re going in circles.

Okuno: Opsec, am, just want a rough idea

Baldassano: Opsec, because we already have bought the simple template and customized

Bedlion: 10:47:26 opsec Voyage: there’s like 40 starter themes out there, depending on your knowledge, skills, the amount of work, etc. it could take x+16

Bedlion: Voyage: there’s no rough idea at all, anyone who tells you there is has no idea what they’re talking about.

Bedlion: X plus one to the power of 6

Bedlion: There’s no reasonable answer other than what i or mpol already said.

Bedlion: Could take “2 days or 2 months” depending on the amount of work, the level of skill of the programmer, their understanding of wp/php/html/css/js, if it’s going to rain tuesday. many many things