Cool thanks, I thought i.

Pineo: Sterndata, I was referring to.

Gillett: Sterndata: you using sublime or something?

Pineo: I haven’t tried Atom for awhile now. It was way too slow the last time I tried it.

Reeve: Pineo: you asked “is “Slug” a valid wordpress plugin file header?” How does that relate?

Gillett: Sterndata: you got addons for vim? or vanilla?

Gillett: And is atom ready/good?

Maxcy: I find it works for me, though the auto-complete stuff gets really annoying at times. I can type faster that I can select from a list for many things.

Gillett: Hmm i’m shoppinga round again for a new editor/ide but not sure where to go

Gillett: I just use vim controls in sublime which is fine.

Savin: I switched to phpstorm about 3 months ago. wish I would have done that a long time ago

Gillett: Savin: it not slow? What’s your spec?

Pineo: Savin, I cannot agree more.

Savin: No. I have it on both of my laptops. 1 is running ubuntu, 2GB ram. my other is a macbook pro

Gillett: Savin: Just the one project open at a time?

Savin: If you want to try it out for an extended time i.e. longer than the 30 day trial use the EAP version which is the one I run on Ubuntu

Savin: Eddq no.

Eckmann: Sterndata: my friend, just wanted to share that I found the solution to yesterday’s problem about the embedded MailChimp form. Basically mailchimp has a “naked form” code, with no CSS or JS, I used that one, and magically it ***umed the existing website CSS and even made the submit button color match the layout.

Acres: Not magical at all. its how it should work!

Birts: Glad you got it done, though.

Strope: Yes of course, how machines work =

Asenjo: But I was like “Whatever, let me try this ugly form, at least it might work”

Iseri: I was not expecting it to inherit CSS properties =

Funderburke: How many ppl use dropbox when working with clients? google docs? any other alternatives y’all can recommend

Wiltfong: Aerth: we use dropbox for transferring images

Serey: Cool. clients are happy with its ease of use?

Cram: Some. I’ve been trying the “upload only” option, where they don’t have to install a dropbox client

Dunfee: Excuse me: is there a place to change woocommerce error or success messages?

Bogda: Aerth: i use google docs for shared do***ent editing etc. dropbox i try to avoid doing anything with because i don’t trust a certain board member war criminal.

Lavani: Horacsio: there are a number of hooks

Suet: Guys quick question. If want to add extra containers inside div id=”main” cl***=”wrapper”, can I do it from the header.php file? twentytwelve

Dugat: RabSimpson: Thanks , i can understand

Huse: Horacsio: and several plugins

Nimrod: Giocas: make a child theme

Tith: Giocas: sure, but i’d recommend doing it using a child theme

Duewall: Horacsio: sure, reinvent the wheel

Barczak: Yes guys, sorry, I already have a child theme, I should’ve said

Smitreski: Giocas: then do it whereever div id=”main”. is

Bene: Ok thanks, so they can be hardcoded in

Kurz: Giocas: of course, doing it in header.php ***umes that line is inside that file, which it might not be

Nieva: Horacsio:

Picknell: Horacsio: here are the hooks

Vandivort: Giocas: you can add whatever elements you want.

Mcquirk: Cool thanks, I thought i had to do it with php or something. SOrry very new to wordpress so still finding my way around