Conrman: if a client wants.

Caraker: Before you do that tho, let’s all guess at the number of results

Bahr: 25% of the internet is WP

Bahr: I would say 100k+ easy

Ziemann: Yeah you’re probably right

Warshauer: Filipovich what is your guess

Bahr: To be fair some of those are videos to “how to remove”

Filipovich: Of sites built with CMS, WP has 40%

Filipovich: This clais 58.7% of sites built with CMS wordpress/all/all">

Filipovich: So the truth is probably bounded by these estimates

Filipovich: The latter also gives WP 24.6% of all websites

Yanke: Would be cool with like a modules system for themes where the modules are plugin dependencies

Yanke: Cause sometimes **** to make a theme and nee a plugin fo a function to remain pure

Filipovich: Bahr: after you get past the 3 page of results, they all seem to be the default site description on the front page, probably in the title tag

Filipovich: Poiz: there’s a framework for that — it will tell the user to install needed plugins. can’t think of the name offhand, though

Bahr: Doesnt WP have that built in

Bahr: Or is it an added framework

Filipovich: Poiz:

Yanke: Oh right that sounds great thank you

Filipovich: Poiz:–cms-20901

Bahr: Filipovich: ahh didn’t realize that was 3rd party

Bahr: Everday. knowledge ha

Yanke: Seem to have thought of everything in this plugin too, activation/deactivation and required/not required etc very nice

Desmet: If someone steal my wordpress cookie, will he can use it if we have different IP addresses?

Filipovich: El capitan progress: 4.4GB of 6.1GB downloaded.

Meggison: Q: can widgets only be added to sidebars via the gui ?

Raskin: Can devs designate other “targets” in templates so users can drop a widget in other places ?

Gladysz: Nak wouldn’t that be just registering a new dynamic sidebar?

Filipovich: Nak: sidebars can go anywhere. think of theme as “widget holders”. You can put them in headers, footers, above the content, below teh content, etc.

Filipovich: I usually put a “sidebar” to hold footer content.

Filipovich: Nak

Rosebaugh: So if i wanted a three column site where the client could reorganize all the content, i could create 3 dyanmic sidebars for them to move the widgets around ?

Guitian: So a “dynamic sidebar” is just a widget container

Filipovich: Yup. I like this plugin to let the users control the content:

Filipovich: Nak: 3 or 4 column widgets: and

Gervais: How do you guys give control over content layout to your users? besides the wordpress “alignleft, alignright” i’ve begun to implement custom shortcodes to do things like grid columns, buttons, icons, cards, and other components. but the users still struggle with shortcodes, and want a more ‘squarespace’ way of adding content

Gone: Visual Compoiser if they need squarespace like behavior

Wichert: PErsonally, I don’t give them layout control beyond what I code my self for them, by page templates and such

Kennamer: Ive looked into this, from what i’ve read it has to be used with a compatible theme?

Draves: No bueno, trying to look for a solution that doesn’t involve migrating to another theme

Filipovich: Conrman: we sell and implement a design, so we do not give them much in the way of layout control.

Erath: Conrman: if a client wants a fully custom solution, then layout control is / should be out of their hands.