Comp084: step 1. make a.

Lokan: Also for previously installed plugins with weird extra db tables.

Kwok: Opsec: is that just for transients and such, or does it have some level of intelligence about which options are still referenced somewhere?

Delafuente: Opsec: Plugins Garbage Collector –

Budzik: Why am i changing a language file. to change the header of groups to something else. i ***ume that language files are translation of languages accross nations or cultures. is that not what a language file is

Lokan: Sarver: that first one is pretty basic

Jeng: This says it does options.

Farias: Maybe its a verbage/vernacular file

Lokan: Sarver: cleans up revisions, transients, comments, etc

Trammell: Thomedy: that’s how you’d do it for your non-primary language

Brzezicki: Right but when it gets translated or shifted you loose the change

Saadeh: If you only change it for one language whats the benefit

Bonenberger: Wheres the consistency

Lokan: Https://doc.oscl***.org/

Jeng: Back after dinner, maybe.

Soltmann: Thomedy: why not change it for all your languages?

Serva: Thats what im trying to do but i followed the link to a information

Hathcoat: And read a bunch of posts

Liv: Ill go back to it one sec

Arterberry: Ok. After about 15 straight hours. I must ask, I have an old copy of wordpress updated, but lots of bad plugins etc. so i want to export all posts using the basic wp tool, gives me 404 errors, even when i disable plugins, to a fresh install, if i just do posts not all posts, which doesn’t add featured images then I get the 404. any ideas, i’ve upped the limits on both servers

Knappe: I also, want to know, is the best thing to do if i have gigs of images to upload them manually, and then export all posts, if i can fix that 404 error.

Lokan: Comp084: seems like you’re approaching this backwards.

Lokan: Comp084: what is your goal, to save x amount of posts from an old install?

Steffenhagen: All posts, all comments, everythng ggives me 404 error

Lokan: I will help you if you calm down and think clearly

Malanga: Do you guys just compose pages with shortcodes?

Lokan: If not, you are free to continue banging away.

Lokan: AgentOrange: do you have a wordpress question?

Lokan: Comp084: is your ultimate goal to save all posts, images, comments on an existing install and make it current?

Fesh: Haha yeah you couldnt answer it, and told me visual composer was total ****, so im just trying to get an idea how im supposed to do this. but that cant be answered either. nevermind

Model: AgentOrange: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Pilkington: Yes. from an old server old site to a new server new site

Lokan: AgentOrange: if you have a wordpress question i’m happy to answer it.

Hussman: Ok why does adding product_page . shortcode break my page

Lokan: Comp084: so, step 1. make a backup right now and store it away, then copy it.

Lokan: AgentOrange: i won’t help with visual composer, you have paid support for that.

Muto: Opsec: k. i have a 21mb database

Lokan: Comp084: once that is done, delete all plugins from the copy you will be moving to the new server

Lokan: Comp084: that’s pretty much 100% irrelevant

Vantine: Right. its a live site.

Warfel: So you mean copy it on the same server

Vogeler: Emporio why are you even doing a handler

Lokan: You could have a 2gb db, same difference

Smar: Ok. keep going. i’m following

Lokan: Comp084: step 1. make a backup, store it and make a copy. come back when that’s done and we’ll proceed to step 2