Cjohnson: but it works fine.

Filipovich: Again, you should be either able to find hooks or rewrite this template to get prices of all variants and grab the top and bottom prices

Filipovich: Probably editing the template is the best option no pun intended

Rafidi: Filipovich: Shame I wouldn’t even know where to begin haha

Filipovich: If it’s a Woo template page being used, google “edit woocommerce templates correctly”

Filipovich: If the template is from your theme, look for theme options or child theme it.

Filipovich: You bought the theme. the author should offer support. Have you checked at http://www.kriesi.at

Filipovich: CMFDesign: interesting hhit on a google search: https://gist.github.com/mikejolley/1600117

Bookout: Filipovich von wo bist

Bahr: He might be asking where you’re at haha

Bahr: Filipovich where are – gogole translate 😛

Filipovich: Pete7: if you want to know where I am, check my IP address or do a little googling. it’s not hard to figure out

Stancey: I hoped you speak german

Bahr: Pete7 , überprüfen Sie seine IP-Adresse

Machold: Cirsumi du sprechen deutsch?

Bahr: Pete7: cirsumi du sprechen deutsch?

Bahr: Pete7: Nein, ich bin mit Google Translate

Bahr: Haha i’m a linguist 😛

Bahr: Well this keyboard ****s so bad

Bahr: CTRL-C doesnt always register

Bahr: It’s a stock dell desktop corded keyboard

Bahr: Idk if that matters. but it ****s.

Filipovich: Bahr: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VAHYNC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00

Filipovich: I’ve been using one of these for about 5 years

Bahr: Yeah that’s the one i have at home, but i’m at the new office

Bahr: Everything is setup. i should just get anotehr one 😀

Filipovich: Bahr: get in early and swap keyboards with someone else. :-

Masilko: Google translate autmatic on discussion möglich?

Bahr: They all have the same

Bahr: Pete7: you can if you have a proper module for your client

Bahr: Pete7: i love how tool read off a deviled egg recipe and it sounds crazy haha

Filipovich: Pete7: how do you access discussion?

Bahr: Pete7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htxZZKv4pMw

Filipovich: For example, I use pidgin on my linux box and adium on mymac

Filipovich: Pete7: what OS are you using?

Bahr: I use hexchat on windows pete7

Bahr: MIRC is good if you want to buy it. i have a license from lightyears ago heh.

Bahr: I fell in love with xchat tho, replaced with hexchat

Filipovich: Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_Relay_Chat_clients

Schnurr: For translate plugin? what the best

Bahr: Pete7: they probably all have something available

Braum: My wordpress is showing 3.9 even thou I put 4.3.1 in

Bahr: Just need to dig around 😀

Bahr: BeachBall: how did you “put 4.3.1 in”

Filipovich: BeachBall: where is it showing that?

Thaut: Ftp – over wrote the files

Lacouette: When i click the W and about wordpress

Bahr: BeachBall: curious, did the files successfully transfer?

Bahr: BeachBall: bottom right of your admin does it say a version?

Filipovich: BeachBall: is this localhost or something we can see?

Cadle: Filipovich: hah, didn’t realize wordpress defaulted to myisam, which percona won’t sync

Gadway: Somehow it hasn’t come up until just this morning

Brahler: Thanks again for helping me rubber duck

Filipovich: Cjohnson: but it works fine with innodb if you alter the tables