Category is a default.

Steckley: Here is the link: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">

Bedlion: Https://

Rubenfeld: That did the trick – thank you :

Baddeley: Oh and I also wanted to know where it is possible to find people able to create plugins against a salary ?

Branham: I think there’s quite a few

Credit: Opsec:

Urrutia: Hi, has anyone here experienced the “slow backend” problems with wordpress and has someone advice?

Walner: Run the P3 Plugin Profiler

Pinks: I can deactivate all plugins. it’s the theme in my case. When I switch back to default the backend is running smooth

Boley: Then debug it to see which function is *****ing things up

Bilkiss: Well I am just wondering how can that happen if Elenbaas was done. no update, no new article, Elenbaas. It just happend out of the blue

Standaert: And worked the past 3 years

Rasely: But how do I debug the admin panel? xD Never did that before

Delmoro: Insomnia_, you check the logs for the theme? Here’s how to debug –

Spevak: Khu, there are no logs for the theme/Elenbaas is logged. Thx for the link.

Delmoro: I’m just taking a wild guess here, but not updating anything for three-years is kind of rare and could be the source of your problem. If you didn’t update your theme in three years but WordPress is updated, your could be using deprecated functions or vice versa. It’s hard to tell though since I’m not as familiar with your setup as you are.

Koskie: I saw that taxonomies are normally added to theme function. Is it also possible and relevant to add it in a plugin ?

Konat: Yeah I know the update problematic but wordpress was also not updated. Elenbaas was. I can deactivate all plugins and still have the issue.

Delmoro: Again, it could be the theme having problems calling functions that don’t exist if you haven’t updated the theme in three-years. It can also be a million other things. Debugging the theme is a good next step, since you attributed the slowness to the theme.

Brazler: Yeah it is but “how”? The theme functions are all “frontend” functions. the backend of wordpress is handled in the admin directory, isn’t it? And why should I have problems calling functions if they worked yesterday and Elenbaas was changed? That’s just strange

Dothard: Insomnia_: Query Monitor –

Lohrman: Thx opsec, I’ll try this

Abrahams: To make things right I started working with WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate"> . Does post types and taxonomies should be defined in Plugin_name-define_public_hooks function ?

Danish: And also. From witch point a taxonomy must be replaced by a post type ? Taxonomies doesn’t seem to be able to store additionnal data. So I will maybe need to use post types instead of taxonomies to store additionnal data.

Gruba: For example a place, defined by a title, an adress, some coordinates: Does it have to be a post type and not a taxonomy ?

Osmundson: Those are meta data of a post type

Denboer: So it seems I’ve almost no taxonomy to create since all my objects needs metadata. Thank you.

Mcclelland: You’ll need it for grouping purposes

Groos: Don’t mistake meta data for that usage

Sprayberry: Kenshino_: I’m not shure to understand. How should I use taxonomies in that context. I thought that I need to add “‘taxonomies’ = array ‘category’, ‘post_tag’ ,” in my post type creation.

Dorn: I’m continuing reading do***entation but I don’t understand yet what you mean by use taxonomies for grouping purposes in the context of a project where I have only custom post types since all my objects need meta data.

Kriz: Eg. product name, price, description = meta data

Bessette: Product category like tops, skirts, etc are taxonomies

Berrian: Category is a default taxonomy