Carney: ok well either way.

Nadal: B****t: dont reference the script the “usual way” that is NOT the right way

Douillet: B****t: But I would also thank Guimares as she provided you with equally, if not better, advice.

Klos: Just for testing Guimares, to make sure that Benzing in the js is breaking anything.

Petrak: Yes thanks LindsayMac

Douillet: B****t: Read that article first

Mewbourn: Hi guys, can somebody point me to the correct way of setting wordpress permissions? They directories are owned by user:www-data right now, and I’m concerned about the security implications of having www-data have ownership over the files. I’m running nginx. Should I create a separate user for each wordpress instance? Thanks in advance.

Fullenkamp: Revberaldo:

Zentz: Thanks Guimares! I’ll give it a read.

Douillet: Revberaldo: You can also try this article, it has worked for nginx users on Ubuntu: wordpress-on-ubuntu">

Foucault: Thanks Douillet, I’ll add it to my reading list. Thanks again guys.

Douillet: Have a nice night guys

Douillet: Gonna go eat dinner / drive around

Douillet: Night Sachez Guimares 😀

Zhanel: Goldfish crackers. yum

Kizior: Hey guys, pretty simple question. Is there a plugin in which I could have certain links open up in a modal? If it’s not that simple, is there a good jQuery plugin? The links are embedded in the template but call WordPress pages. So I could use a shortcode with “do_shortcode” or adding a cl***/attr to the link, whatever

Sachez: Zren_: there seem to be a bunch. What have you tried? wordpress+open+links+in+modal">

Butsch: Sachez – simple lightbox, colorboxjs, etc etc

Sachez: What function/features did those not provide?

Holstad: Sachez – they only opened images/youtube/text, not an actual entire page

Westerhold: Greetings all! I’m using get_postID to retreive a CPT. When I var_dump the post object, the only property that’s populated is the ‘post_name’ numerical ID. Does get_post not play nice with CPTs?

Sachez: A page with headers footers sidebars and all?

Sachez: Because I’m not seeing anything like that

Sachez: All the modals I see are for text, images, text+images+buttons, etc.

Sachez: I think you’ll have to write one yourself

Sachez: I’ve gone through about 20 pluigins, demos, and stackexchanges w/o finding anything

Sachez: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a website use a modal to open a complete page

Prange: Because it’s a ridiculous idea that shouldnt actually be done

Sachez: We you, me, zren_ debated that this morning. He’s in the “client wants it corner” and doesn’t seem to be able to find a way out.

Carney: Ugh. I hate working in frameworks I’m not faliar w/. Guimares I have a custom meta box on my custom post type page. The custom meta box contains a input type=”file” tag but when I post I’m not seeing that as part of the request.

Velasques: Carney: uploading a file is more complex than just a basic file type input

Hermosura: Carney:

Carney: I did have it working nicely with the AJAX function I was using previously, now trying to handle it in the post save hook so I can add it as a meta attribute to the post like you suggested earlier.

Carnevale: I know ACF advanced custom fields plugin gets a bad rap here but it do what you need mrjonleek

Amalfitano: Carney: you have to add the photo to the media library after grabbing the actual file and uploading it to the uploads folder and then make a number of thumnails from it if yoou want those

Carney: Guimares: Audio, no images.

Gatzow: Carney: ok well either way. you want it to show in the media library, right?