Cancer is not genetic.

Malbaurn: I cant disable all plugins

Paddy: Malbaurn: if you are working on a LIVE site, then you have bigger problems

Achorn: Malbaurn: this the the nature of debugging. you start by turning off all plugins and themes and test

Malbaurn: I dont even have a twenty theme available

Bahr: I wish you could send animated ascii one liners like . . . .

Malbaurn: Back to twenty-12 and all plugins except the one in questions deactivated

Malbaurn: Text still not changed

Malbaurn: What would be the next debugging step?

Bahr: I hear tears can mend wounds.

Boyes: Malbaurn: how about first defining what “not working” means.

Malbaurn: The text from the original .mo file is displayed

Malbaurn: Not the on i registered using load_textdomain

Rybacki: Malbaurn: make sure your .mo file is correctly formatted. copy the original one and just make one small change that would be obvious to you that it is using yours first.

Fazio: Malbaurn: then walk through the steps to make sure the path to your custom one is correct, that the text domain is correct, etc etc

Dryman: Malbaurn: also google things. someone may have had a similar problem.

Derbacher: Malbaurn: you made sure the path is correct? that the text domain is correct?

Malbaurn: Yes path i correct and text domain is from the plugin authors plugin description

Mcgrotty: Malbaurn: check your error logs. make sure whatever hook you’re hooking in to is firing, etc

Malbaurn: The authors loads is like this: load_textdomain ‘mymail’, $file ;

Malbaurn: So my domain and path are good

Malbaurn: What kind of error logs?

Wyman: Malbaurn: you realize your path and the author’s plugin file path are completely different, right?

Portugal: Malbaurn: server error logs.

Malbaurn: The path should point to the .mo file and thats what i am doing

Prekker: Anybody who can point me in the right direction when i want to register an exporter via tools?

Malbaurn: I dont have any erroor logs

Bahr: Did ya’ll see that he**** at walmart while the guy was shopping with a corpse+casket in the back?

Vancott: Malbaurn: how? how are you sure that your path is correct? how did you verify that?

Raterman: Malbaurn: servers have error logs 99% of the time.

Schutz: Malbaurn: you have error logs

Malbaurn: Echod the path and check in the browser if tehre is the file

Jacquemin: Echo’d the path from where? how?

Jungck: Nvm, seems like i need to work with register_post_type + the can_export parameter ;-

Bahr: Bu***and:

Malbaurn: The path is not the problem

Malbaurn: The function result in true, i wouldnt if the path was faulty

Bahr: Xor the apple pie scented candle that 40% apple pie and the last 60% is dirty fart smell haha i am 5 again

Defreece: What function result in true?

Malbaurn: Sure it does, maybe not to you

Peshlakai: Malbaurn: then good luck. google your problem

Bahr: Man Alex King’s story is pretty freakin depressing

Savaria: I suppose the saddest part when dealing with any cancer related death is that it’s 100% preventable/fixable.

Bahr: Yeah. just depends when you discover it.

Bahr: His request for shared stories to give his daughter an idea of who he is— pretty sad

Bahr: Opsec: though how can you prevent cancer if it came with genetics?

Savaria: Http:// . . just 2 of many.

Savaria: Cancer is not genetic.