Can we create a lexicon.

Wiler: Defrancesco: no he’s asking what we were talking about instead of just reading up

Gerbi: I didn’t ask for that lol

Mullahey: Defrancesco: exactly

Mozelak: Border-radius is not wroking on columns

Perie: I think it was just a nice suggestion for me to disable that in case i got problems with paint slimming

Henline: But i neither got any problem with that, nor do i use chromium or did ask about what you are talking about

Defrancesco: Suloo: well actually you did ask what paint slimming was

Defrancesco: But that’s neither here nor there, moving right along :

Leipert: When i apply border-radius to a column. the the corners are not rounded. i tried using a wrapper inside the column, still no luck

Maxham: Manvelyan: it’s on localhost

Vondielingen: Because it was suggested to me as a fix for something

Vanaman: Shakil: that is a question for #css

Blankenbeckle: Hi. I want to add new fields to my 404 page but it isnt listed in the Pages! how can I do this?

Milloy: But i had no issue or requierment for a fix tho

Manvelyan: Shakil: the CSS is the place to go because I can’t see your site, so all I can say is RTFM

Bovia: I thought I was in bootstrap group

Manvelyan: Horacsio: look for 404.php in your theme

Defrancesco: Read The F*****g Manual

Kempson: Defrancesco: can you make a .related too?

Cryan: Manvelyan: I know where the page is, but isn’t created, or listed in the dashboard Page area.

Defrancesco: Hussey: sure – what’s the language for that? PM me?

Manvelyan: It’s NOT. It’s a template that gets invoked when an 404 occurs

Courington: Gonna get some beers and restart then ;

Rodeen: So… I can deal with it as an usual page! 😀

Manvelyan: You can add stuff to 404.php

Deyoe: Manvelyan: just kind of hardcode that?

Manvelyan: Use code if you want things to happen conditionally

Samway: Ok… : thank you for clarifying :

Bartamian: Horacsio: you can treat it like a page template and make a loop and put whatever you want in there

Pago: Is there something about this example code which would prevent the notice from displaying because the transient was deleted too soon? Or something? wordpress-displaying-an-error-message-hook-admin-notices-fails-on-wp-insert-p#answer-19822056">

Manvelyan: Horacsio: I put in a short code that displays a sitemap:

Porell: And do I really need that commented part?

Manvelyan: The stuff at the top? no.

Manvelyan: This is a modified version of the 404 page from _s.

Barrickman: Yes. I just have the regular get header. Why is that there?

Manvelyan: Because commenting your code is goog?

Manvelyan: What is your theme again, Horacsio?

Alby: It’s based on blankslate

Manvelyan: Does that have a 404.php template?

Manvelyan: So modify that to do what you want a 404 page to do

Moulinos: I just thought it was treated like a usual template page

Rees: Yes, I got my friend Manvelyan : thank you

Manvelyan: It’s a template, NOT A PAGE. page.php is not a page, it’s a template.

Hoxworth: Anyone have experience with random “are you sure you want to do this” messages when trying to save a post?

Aguero: Yes correct. sorry for my knowledge

Iwashita: And for not being accurate

Husain: I have a user getting this message when she takes a while to save/update a post

Maffit: Can we create a lexicon right now. there are WordPress pages those are made in the dashboard under add new page there are site pages those are whatever exists on the front end of your site but have no page such as archive pages, the 404, etc and there are page templates php files you can apply to a WordPress page