Can someone take a look? .

Loberg: Sounds like your plugin wordfence is preventing it

Cicoria: Hi – how can I find out what tasks are currently scheduled in wp-cron?

Wittrup: I’m having a problem with ACF

Manross: I’m using Image object, and trying to get certain image size

Maruco: The Array contains the image size I’m asking

Nault: When I print array, I can see it, and it works

Rogish: But when I want to “pull” that from array and I echo it I get “h”

Papasergi: What am I doing wrong

Castine: Fris, where should this code go?

Munn: WordPress keeps doing this: ph3 cl***=”osc-heading “spanHow Common is ASD?/span/h3/p

Quiroz: Before someone quotes the link, I have read how to move my wordpress site tutorial here:

Jeng: Aro, donofrioatwork that’s not a WordFence error

Pleppo: I have a domain lets call it

Zabielski: Its already at the root

Melusky: On my server its at /var/www/hosting/website

Burgo: If i just want to move it to /var/www/hosting/something/website

Balaam: What do i need to do?

Hoffelt: Dchi:

Salvia: Dchi:

Fiers: It already has its own directoory

Dimodica: I just want to move where it is on the server

Nita: Without changing the URL

Jeng: Dchi: just change the Do***entRoot setting in your VirtualHost stanza in httpd.conf or apache2.conf

Neidenbach: And copy the files thats it?

Jeng: So do***ent root is /var/ww/hosting/something/website

Jeng: Move, not copy, but yeah

Jeng: Don’t forget to restart the webserver afterwards

Harmeyer: Jeng: can you let me know why WP is returning “h”?

Tunnell: I cant do cp -r /var/www/hosting/website /var/www/hosting/something/website?

Jeng: Dchi: cd /var/www/hosting; mv website hosting; cd hosting; mkdir website; mv * website/

Jeng: Show your code, printForever

Pinchon: Jeng: have you used ACF?

Polhemus: Jeng: so much lol, i couldnt find that on the website and i was kinda scared

Jeng: Dchi: ooops. i may have some typos in that

Bowen: Jeng: i can use my googlefu from here

Derienzo: Hey all. I have been working on this issue for an hour now, when I update the menu in wordpress via the customize or menu options, the menu is not updating at all. there is not cache on the site. It doesn’t change the menu items or order at all via the visual in customize nor when the page is view is loaded. Can someone please help me.

Billips: Got it working the way I like. Thanks for your help.

Deis: Moosejaw: are you using chrome by any chance?

Jeng: Cd /var/www/hosting; mv website something; cd somethiing; mkdir website; mv * webstite/

Cumblidge: Moosejaw: try loading up incognito mode by pressing ctrl shift n

Nethery: Moosejaw: then reload your website

Abdo: Moosejaw: my recomendation is load the website on internet explorer

Sylney: Moosejaw: the problem is most likely your browsers cache

Frailey: I was digging in the wrong position in the array

Otterbine: Dchi, i used different browsers to view and had a friend look as well, no change.

Jeng: I like good comedy: “dchi: moosejaw: my recomendation is load the website on internet explorer”

Jaross: Jeng: lol , internet exploder is good for many things

Drelick: Jeng: primarily taking a fat dump

Fussner: Can someone take a look? this is puzzling since this SHOULD be an amazingly easy edit, yet its not appearing properly.