Can I offer you a paypal.

Bedlion: Please read and understand that.

Naramore: Opsec, am. ok but I was just hoping that an expert can tell by looking at the homepage. I mean, after all its just an html page. You just need to insert some wp loops, structure files hierarchy. and wp theme is ready

Bedlion: Elenbaas is that simple.

Bedlion: I am telling you. you’re running yourself in circles with this thought process.

Warwick: Ok, if I ask you to convert a specific template the linked one into wp you know exactly what page we are talking about. Wont you be able to give a quote and time?

Bedlion: You need to go make a plan and talk to a developer

Primavera: Opsec, I imply you are a developer

Bedlion: Yep, and i will not quote you any time based on a photo or image

Bedlion: If you’re looking for a developer:

Bedlion: Check there, outline your project and get some quotes, this is not the place for quoting work

Urbas: Hm. not freelancing I gues

Bedlion: This is a support channel, not a quotes channel.

Bedlion: I can already tell it would be a huge headache ;

Bedlion: Our communication does not flow at all.

Bedlion: Your message was auto blocked.

Bedlion: If you’re looking for a developer:

Gibboney: G, i hate Git and Github even more

Velilla: Figuring out branching

Overstrom: I’ve a lots of conflicts every time I merge some branch but I think I’m too newbie about that

Ayres: Time to throw out the spoon because there is no spoon and get a fork.

Berardi: So, is it a bad idea to have everything I need to display:none all in 1 huge css tag?

Mccain: Layman’s thinking: performance wise it could be a big hit since the browser would be asked to traverse the whole do***ent again. You may want to consider adding that in declarations already exsisting.

Gfeller: Bug, better ask in #CSS

Czechowski: When I customize the menu args wp_nav_menu , I set the menu_cl*** attribute but it is not displayed in the ul element. Any clue of why ?

Lemmert: Feng: Could you pastebin the relevant code?

Delafontaine: DocGroove: sure,

Devon: Feng, see items_wrap at

Jiron: Already tried to hard code the cl***

Gruesbeck: Items_wrap is not catched neither

Koogle: Feng: Do you have a menu set in the admin?

Blevins: Time mgmt disallows me to pursue anything but easy scoring, sorry

Gabl: DocGroove: I’m new to wordpress and I don’t have set anything except a static front apge, so im gonna say no

Halgas: Feng: wp_page_menu is used as a fallback if no menu has been set. See the ‘fallback_cb’ parameter in the wp_nav_menu reference

Hemmerling: Feng: If you go to the WP admin and look into the menu section, see if a menu exists there.

Girvin: How can you see which mysql database is being used by which wordpress installation?

Aliment: So I have to call wp_nav_menu, setting the callback to wp_page_menu with my current arrgs to make it work ?

Riefer: I don’t seee a menu section

Teem: I’ve just look over the dashbord

Lessa: Feng: Appearance Menus

Emond: Appearence Themes / Customize / Editor

Oltrogge: Aye ! in customize I have a menu setting

Kalpakoff: Do I create a “main” menu ?

Egvirre: Feng: Yes, create a menu instead of relying on WP generating one based on your pages

Mccormick: Soreau: Check wp-config.php in the root folder. It should tell you the database name.

Perelman: DocGroove: you nailed it

Klepper: Can I offer you a paypal coffee ?