Can anyone help me set up.

Gilfillan: They all work together to make repetitive tasks easier

Mccarey: Also, opsec, when all traffic from 80 is redirected to 443, there is a redirect loop error on all pages except for wp-admin and woocommerce checkout.

Gearlds: Those pages also load fine behind https

Gilfillan: Then you have a plugin interfering and/or your webserver config is incorrect

Gilfillan: I’m not sure how to explain to you that wordpress itself does not care about http or https . it just serves when and how it’s allowed by the webserver

Gilfillan: Nginx or httpd decide how things will be served unless, in the case of htaccess files with httpd, you can interfere with the main configuration

Gilfillan: Plugins can interfere with how wordpress loads things because they can add rules using wp’s internal rewrite api or inject things in to htacess files, etc

Tschoepe: wordpress-nginx-ssl-redirect-loop">Http://

Grivna: Then it must be a plugin, which is WordPress, because the server is configured just like another server which works fine using https.

Lokuta: Opsec: you got expericne with qTranslate X ?

Gilfillan: Daslicht: nope, i’d use wpml myself ;

Dockery: I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to get custom data created via add_meta_box to be included on autosave

Sachez: Dockery: you’re not using ACF, PODS, TYPES, etc?

Dockery: Straight-up add_meta_box

Sachez: Oh, autosave. hmjmmmm

Sachez: Did you see this? It’s old bu may still be valid

Dockery: Https://

Dockery: The issue I am having is not what most of the resources I’ve found describe, that the autosave actually clears out meta

Dockery: The issue is that, if I make a change to the post’s data, then the auto-save fires, the change is not stored in that autosave

Filler: Opsec:***entation/user-guides/repeating-fields/

Rener: This looks like this here :

Runnion: Http://

Hammond: There is no repeat checkbox?

Hosek: Ok looks like teh wysiwyg editor is not repeatable

Gilfillan: Use a multiple lines paragraph field

Fauntleroy: Hey there! When developing WP Plugins, how do you deal with library dependencies, i.e. JQuery Plugins? Do you just ship them with the plugin ?

Earll: Sackrebutz: no. you should never ship your own version of a library that already ships with WP. you should just enqueue the library you want to use

Spaar: Sackrebutz: including your own version of jquery is BAD. bad bad bad plugin developer! Now go to the corner and think about waht you’ve done

Gambel: Sackrebutz:

Sachez: Sackrebutz: see bottom for scripts that ship with WP

Hackenbery: So how to deal with libraries that are not shipped with WP?

Arollo: I.e.

Sachez: If you have to, bundle the .js files with your plugin

Olsson: So if a library I use is not shipped with WP already, I DO ship them with my plugin. Right?

Gilmer: Sackrebutz: if its not shipped you can either call it from a public CDN that you trust or bundle it with it the same you would with any custom JS

Juckett: Sackrebutz: and you only ship with your plugin if the library gives you the rights to do so

Rawls: Thanks, LindsayM_ – by rights you mean the license the lib is developed with ?

Conant: Hey have you kind folks implemented a save/publish kb shortcut per chance?

Eichner: Keyboard shortcut for save/punlish of pages/posts

Rozman: Can anyone help me set up nginx with wordpress? I setup the wordpress database and edited the wp-config file but I’m unsure how to configure nginx to point at it.