But vietnambeachweddings.

Crisp: NathanM . and what error is showing?

Hollin: I can still see the index page of the website, but all the styling is gone.

Buckholz: And when I attempt to go to the wp-admin page, it says the page doesn’t exist

Renshaw: The is the current state of the site: http://hoian.vietnambeachweddings.com/

Diltz: And this displays when I try to go to /wp-admin: http://vietnambeachweddings.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fhoian.vietnambeachweddings.com%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1

Kately: I’ve also tried just logging in from Wordress.com, but it no longer recognizes my username or p***word

Reyes: Yeah that’s what happened.

Crisp: 1. Are you hosting the site? 2. Are you able to access your database?

Rotstein: 1. I have the host information, so I logged into that. But there’s no evidence that this new site was hosted by this provider. I see the old site which my new site is replacing, and another site for the same business.

Burt: 2. So since I can’t find any record of the site with this host, I can’t find the database, right?

Crisp: How did you setup the new site?

Solon: Hello, for my site http://www.tamarawobben.nl/ I use now the archive calender plugin

Keane: I didn’t. I walked into the project after someone else set up the bare minimum

Heither: But after every update I have a lot of trouble to keep it running. Is there a better alternative ?

Crisp: NathanM : Is it a clone from ap revious website?

Crisp: Roelof depends on your needs?

Mesker: Crisp: No it’s all new content, if that’s what you mean

Kephart: How do you guys make multi-depth comments look right on mobile? On my screen they are way too squished

Sebers: Its a blog about the life of my daugther

Crisp: Content?. Have you created a new website or is this some version you copy pasted from elsewhere. I am missing some link to see why its refering to an other domain.

Crisp: Roelof : You probably want to keep this going?

Krows: At this moment, no. Im fed up that after every update I have to keep care that the posts are shown in the menu

Crisp: Because in that case you could maybe create a Google Calendar or something and push the posts to a calendar widget in WP.

Crisp: NathanM there is something very dodgy. Have a look aat the sourcecode when visiting : http:hoian.vietnambeachweddings.com and tell me what is wrong when for example you are linking stylesheets etc

Selan: Crisp: how do I take care that the post are shown ?

Crisp: Are you talking about posts? Or calendar items?

Valvo: Crisp: im talking about posts

Tinkham: Crisp: I see that all the sheets say “failed to load resource: . 404 error.” Could it be because when I changed the home and site URL of the new website, I changed it to the URL of the old/existing site? So the site is looking for stylesheets in the old site instead of the new?

Crisp: So. you have to replace the old links with the new ones.

Crisp: Are you able to get your self a SQL export?

Terrible: Crisp: I don’t think so because I don’t have any idea where the new sight is hosted. If I did get an SQL export, would that help me regain admin access to the style, or just restore the styling?

Whipp: Or do someone know a better way to make a menu with a lot of year, months and posts. Archive calender plugin is not working

Blunden: I see the years but still not the posts

Crisp: 1 NathanM im doing to much thing at 1 time sorry

Crisp: Have you moved the site? It’s very unclear

Woodbeck: No, that’s what I was trying to do when I first changed the URLs

Crisp: It’s seems like you moved xyz.com to 001.xyz.com

Sealander: I tried to change hoian.vietnambeachweddings.com to just vietnambeachweddings.com

Toop: But vietnambeachweddings.com already exists, with the old site